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Trademark Registration in India. The state registration of a trademark in Rospatent allows protecting the object only on the territory of Russia. A company should register its brand name or logo. In order to patent this means of individualization in other states, it is necessary to pass international registration of the trademark.


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How to Apply For Trademark Registration in India A trademark can be registered on name word or symbol. Trademark reflects the goods or services of the applicant. It is mainly a mark associated with the goods or services. It distinguishes the products of one from another. It gives an exclusive right to the owner of the trademark. It also prevents others from using the same trademark. It gives an identity to the product of the owner. What Is The Process of Trademark Registration  Trademark Search To verify the availability of desired mark or logo a trademark search is done by the professionals on the basis of its class. If the desired mark has neither been taken or similar with an existing mark then one can proceed for the trademark registration. However one can apply for existing registered trademark under the different class. Trademark search is done from here  Trademark Application One can apply for trademark registration by filing an application TM-A with the prescribed fees. An application is filed with the trademark authority by the trademark attorney. Here are some of the examples of registered trademark:

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Disclaimer: Images source Google Trademark Registration Flow Chart What Are The Documents Required For Trademark Registration Following documents are required for filing Trademark Registration Application: 1. ID Proof Copy of PAN and Aadhaar Card/ Voter ID Card/ Passport/ Driving License 2. Address Proof Latest Bank Statement/ Utility Bill not older than months 3. Copy of Logo/ Mark 4. Power of Attorney To authorize consultant to file an application on the behalf of the applicant 5. Board Resolution In the case when the applicant is a company. Who Is Eligible To Apply For Trademark Registration The following can apply for trademark:  Individual  Sole Proprietorship Firm  Partnership Firm  Company  LLP  Joint Owners Trademark Search Application in form TM-A Acceptance in case of no objection Journal Publication Trademark Registration in case of no opposition in trademark journal

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Which Symbol Will Be Used After Trademark Registration A “TM” symbol is a provisional symbol which is used for unregistered trademarks. Under this application is under process and potential infringers can claim for the mark. Whereas “®” symbol is used for a registered trademark. It is used when authority approves the applied application. How Much Time Is Used For Trademark Registration Usually trademark registration takes 8 months to 2 years from the date of filing application. What Is The Validity of Registered Trademark It is valid for the period of ten years however it can be renewed for the further period of ten years on the payment of the prescribed renewal fees. Whereas registered trademark is valid in home country only because India has its own rules regulations regarding trademark registration.