how to jailbreak an ipod touch

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How to jailbreak an IPod Touch:

How to jailbreak an IPod Touch By: Enrique Lopez

Table of contents:

Table of contents Items you will need Jailbreaks Websites Downloading Running the file Jailbreaking Cydia Free games

Tables of contents:

Tables of contents Downloading the games Installing the games Tip

Introduction of main topic:

Introduction of main topic I will be showing you how to jailbreak an iPod touch and everything you need and will have to do to jailbreak your iPod

Items you will need:

Items you will need First you need an iPod touch of course You will also need a computer with an internet connection Also the USB cable to connect it to your computer


Jailbreaks There are many different jailbreaks for the iPod touch first you need to see what version you have. This is limera1n


versions To know what version you got you go to settings, then general, then go to about and there you will see what version you got.


websites If you have a version of 4.1 you go to and download the file


Downloading when you go to the website you click on what kind of computer you have windows, Mac or Linux and download the file

Running the file:

Running the file When it’s finished downloading, you have to run the program and once you do that you connect you iPod to your computer

Jail breaking :

Jail breaking When the program opens up it going to say make it ra1n. You click on it and follow what it says. ex. It might say hold the power button and the home button together for a few seconds. Note: jailbreaking will not delete anything from your iPod

Cydia :

Cydia When the jailbreak is done you’re going to get the application limera1n on your screen. You open it and install cydia. Cydia will allow you to get new backgrounds, games, music. Etc. To do this you will need a wireless internet connection

Free Games:

Free Games Most people jailbreak there iPod's so they can get free games. To get free games you go to cydia, then manage, then sources, and then click add source and type in Once you do that you download installous for your free apps.

Downloading the Games:

Downloading the Games You search up the game you want in installous and you click on download, then a list of download links will appear. So you click on a download link and there you go.

Installing the games:

Installing the games After your done downloading your game you click on it and click install and wait for it and there go your games.

Tip :

Tip Tip: don't update your iPod, if you update it you will lose the jailbreak

Conclusion :

Conclusion As you can see jailbreaking your iPod is a good thing for you, you can get many benefits from this.

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