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In the life of people personal growth is very imported .It refers to a commitment to think and decide for themselve.It is the advantage of new skills and the reputation of action to improve personal habit and competences .That person commit the self development who is the know the his goal and should be alert to opportunities. It can be achieved through studies, work and the updating of knowledge, and implies an important sense of responsibility and a protective attitude.


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Enlightened Buddha is a center which is situated in the New york .We are provide the health related courses as meditation course ,spirituality , mindfulness ,Yoga and many other .We are also writes the blogs on these practice. / Enlightened Buddha


Meditation Course Enlightened Buddha is a center which provides the health related courses. They have the team of experienced and qualified yoga and meditation teacher .In meditation courses we will work on the different techniques of Meditation so that the peoples can find the one that is easiest to apply and practice.


We are love the ancient health related practice and went explore it in whole the world by providing course of yoga and meditation. Mindfulness is the imported practice for the mental wellbeing .It is the psychological process which is beneficial when doing it on the daily basis . By it we experience our current situation and we know what happened surrounding of us .


Yoga is the very beneficial for the physical health it reduce the fat become the people body flexible. It provides a practical understanding of the relationship between spirit and matter. It feel you relaxation by beating anxiety and depression .The regular practice of this enhance your concentration power and mental focus .




Spirituality is a type of meditation. Many peoples attach this term is also with the religious . But this term is not related the religious but it is a practice of connecting you with your soul . When a people connect with the himself than they realize who is they and they knowing the strength and weakness of themselves.  

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