Revisão da aula Nova Brasilia

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Can you spell Machado ? Yes, I can. Can you spell Schumaker? No, I can ’ t. Short answer with can (poder) Meus elogios: significam :Bom trabalho! Good job - well done – excellent - great


Numbers review 101 one hundred and one 245 two hundred and forty-five 741 seven hundred and forty-one 936 nine hundred and thirty-six 2013 - two thousand thirteen


I live in Rio. Where do you live? Where does Karen live? Karen lives in New York. Where do you live ? Aonde você mora?

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Cristiana is 36 years old – Karen is 36 years old Cristiana and Karen have the same age Gabriel is 14 years old. João is 65 years old. João is older than Gabriel. Gabriel is younger than João. Gabriel is the youngest student in the class.( 14 years old) João is the oldest student in the class.( 65 years old) Young and old – Novo e velho

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