Choose the Ideal Location for Your Brand Activation

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Choosing a relevant location for your brand or product plays a vital role in keeping your brand visible. Read some key points that may help you in bringing your product to life.


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Choose the Ideal Location for Your Brand Activation :

Choose the Ideal Location for Your Brand Activation

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Location location location . Location is one of the most important things for people who are buying houses. Everyone who is looking to buy a house considers the amount of bedrooms there are, the area they are in, how close they are to cafes and if they have young children, the kinds of schools that are in the area. This is no different when choosing a location for your brand activation.

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Lets go back and think about what is brand activation?  Brand activation is essentially bringing your product to life, through sampling and interaction with your consumers. Therefore, where you are located while executing your brand activation is imperative to how successful the campaign will be.

Things to think about when choosing a brand activation site: :

Things to think about when choosing a brand activation site: Relevance of Location Choosing a location that is relevant to your brand or product is really important.   Being located really close to your competitors can be a good thing, as you are able to tap into the customers of the competitors and take advantage of all the adverting and marketing they have carried out to drive business to their door.

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However it can be a double-edged sword as the customers who are coming to your store can be veered towards competitors, if they seem more appealing at the time. Therefore thoroughly thinking about location is crucial as it highly influences the effectiveness of the brand activation.

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For example, The Melbourne Noodle Night Market commencing on the 12th of November, it would be an excellent opportunity for a brand in the food industry to get involved at the event. Not only is the City of Melbourne advertising the event relentlessly, spending thousands of dollars on advertising materials but many individuals who attended previously will spread worth of mouth, encouraging their friends and family to attend.

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We all know word of mouth is priceless as it highly influences one’s opinion about a brand as it comes from someone we trust. With the hustle and bustle of people attending the event, it is the perfect opportunity for a brand to get their name out there. A guerrilla-marketing tactic that can be embraced by the brand is to set up an activation site on the way to Birrarung Marr, such as Federation Square or across the road at Hammer Hall.

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They will be able to capitalizing on the free advertisements from the City of Melbourne and the event as well gain business from individuals do not wish to wait in lines. This specifically chosen location will aid the brand activation and target their core demographic .

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Convenience Executing brand activation where it is hard for customers to get to is not very smart. Unless it is for invitees only, at an exclusive location, brand activations are usually located in easy access able areas, close to parking, and public transport .

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In Melbourne you often see people at Melbourne Central or Flinder Street station handing out sample products. Unless your product is able to cover the wide range of individuals who pass through every day, the rate of individuals who will lead on to purchase the product in the future may be very low.

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People usually are in a rush to get somewhere and will not take the time to stop and engage with your brand activation. In comparison, brand activation executed during the Colour Run or Tough Mudder for a company specializing in health drinks would be more successful in engaging with their core target audience.

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Distributing samples at the events will have a higher rate of acquisition than being freely distributed at Flinders Street at peak hour. Unfortunately without engaging with consumers, a brand activation will just lead to individuals getting ‘free’ stuff and not gaining any sense of wanting to purchase the product in the future.

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Hidden details When you are setting up, do you need electricity? Do you need a certain amount of space to set up properly? Where will you store all your products? Will they be secure? The finer details in a brand activation all need to be thought out, as the location needs to cater to your needs and wants .

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Finding out on the day that there are aspects that are missing and not enough of, can create complications for your brand action.. You only have once chance to make an impression, make it a good one. So , make sure you know the policies and procedures, research the location and have an inspection. Make sure you are across all the details and leave nothing to chance.

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