Guerrilla Marketing: Consult or leave it up to the experts

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Whether you need guerrilla marketing services to increase the awareness of your brand, consult with the guerrilla marketing experts of Engage At Disegno and get the right information on what is required for your guerrilla campaign. More info:


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Guerrilla Marketing: Consult or leave it up to the experts

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Guerrilla marketing is something that so many people get wrong. Unfortunately there is this perception that creating guerrilla marketing campaigns is easy and simple. Just putting things together in a matter of days is enough for a successful execution.

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Hate to break it to you, but this isn’t reality. This is the downfall of so many as they underestimate the amount of time and effort gone into the guerrilla marketing campaign.

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Planning is something marketing managers understand, as it is part of their job description. Planning and developing marketing campaigns to drive traffic and increase awareness of the brand may be second nature.

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But the catch with guerrilla marketing campaigns is that even though there have been very successful campaigns, the amount of planning and the effort that goes into creating one can be very complicated. AND planning is only part of it; the execution of the guerrilla marketing campaign is the hardest part.

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The obvious question is why don’t marketing managers consult with experts who know the ins and outs of guerrilla marketing? Marketing is such a big umbrella with so many other types of marketing and techniques, it is very difficult for one individual to be an expert in every field. It is standard for marketing managers to consult with directors and advertising agencies to create their TVCs and print campaigns.

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Hence why is it so rare that marketing managers who want to create a spectacular guerrilla marketing campaign do not consult with a guerrilla marketing expert? It is quite bedazzling. So why consult with guerrilla marketing experts? Guidance. Guidance with budget and timeframe to fit with the concise brief given.

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Brief Having a clear and concise brief on what is required for the guerrilla campaign will give the event designers an immersive idea about what is required to carry out the guerrilla marketing campaign. Given direction on what is needed to execute, gives a sharper idea about the amount of money needed as well as time needed to put together the different elements of a guerrilla marketing campaign.

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What do we, as event designers want to see in your guerrilla marketing brief? Here is a short checklist for you •What do you want us to do for you? • What do you want to achieve and what are your specific expectations? • What is your budget?

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• When do you want to start your campaign and how long do you want to run it for? • Who are you targeting? • Where do you want to execute your guerrilla marketing campaign? • Who are the stakeholders involved? Are there any partners or sponsorships that need to be considered?

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This is only some of the questions that need to be answered in the brief for us, as event designers and guerilla marketing experts, to gain a full understanding of what is wanted and expected.

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To fill the brief with the important information is vital as it feeds into the budget and timeline, gives everyone a clear image and direction on what needs to be implemented before the guerrilla marketing campaign is executed.

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Budget After having a full understanding of the brief, event designers and experts of guerrilla marketing are able to provide marketing managers an educated and informed outlook regarding the budget. Sometimes the budget allocated to the guerrilla marketing campaign can be quite tight, as they have overspent in other areas or have overlooked the actual amount that is needed to put on a great campaign.

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Thus this will affect the outcome and perhaps alter the amount of elements included. Instead of having so many small activations, have a singular element, focusing and streamlining all energy and resources to make it memorable and reach it’s full potential.

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Event designers and experts in guerrilla marketing would also be able to get the best deals in the industry due to their network and connections. Not having a full and rounded understanding of the price of hire, catering, security and venue hire can definitely blow out quite a high proportion of the budget.

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Timeline Critical timelines are also so SO important! We cannot E-M-P-H-A-S-I-S-E that enough! Every attempted to plan a birthday party with ballons , catering and the whole shebang your first time? Or have you not bothered because thinking about it just gives you such a big headache?

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Well when planning anything, especially a big event, the critical timeline is vital as it lists all the times before the event items would of need to be booked and locked in. Location, staff, props, technology and the times of which they are going to bump in and out all need to be confirmed and booked to ensure that the event definitely runs to and on time.

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It is hence CRITICAL to follow the critical timeline, as it will lead to things not snowballing in the end, making everyone stressed and frustrated! We don’t really want to be treating people for heart attacks.

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Overall it is advantageous for marketing managers to consult and engage with a guerrilla marketing specialist.  Without going through a guerrilla marketing campaign before or understand the specific details needed to carry out a large event, it is very hard to fathom each and every specific detail needed to execute one .

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So why not consult or even leave it up to a guerrilla marketing expert ? http ://

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