Maximizing the Corporate Telco Cost Savings Effectively

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To manage a business financially, it is necessary to benchmark it at each stage. A minute saving might not pose a worry for the business owners or the company management, but on a whole, these minute savings contribute a lot in deciding the net profit gained by the business at the end of a financial year. This tool is used to compare business practices and performance with other companies. The corporate world has been effectively using the benchmarking tool to access their business. Benchmarking has been effectively used as a tool for corporate telco cost savings by the telecommunication industries.


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Maximizing the Corporate Telco Cost Savings Effectively

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To Manage A Business Financially, It Is Necessary To Benchmark It At Each Stage. A Minute Saving Might Not Pose A Worry For The Business Owners Or The Company Management, But On A Whole, These Minute Savings Contribute A Lot In Deciding The Net Profit Gained By The Business At The End Of A Financial Year. This Tool Is Used To Compare Business Practices And Performance With Other Companies. The Corporate World Has Been Effectively Using The Benchmarking Tool To Access Their Business. Benchmarking Has Been Effectively Used As A Tool For Corporate Telco Cost Savings By The Telecommunication Industries.

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In Telecommunication Sector, Benchmarking Is Being Used As- 1. Minimizing the telephone bills of the employees Charity begins at home. Before, cutting the telephone bills of the company, why not start with the employees. Ask and request them to cut short or limit the length of the calls on mobile. This is a better solution in optimizing the call costs . 2. Minimizing the telephone bill of the company Minimizing the telephone bill of the company is a great step. Therefore, the company owners try to avail better deals from the tele -communication companies for their office. Many companies give corporate connections to the company and the employees. Such connections have minimum call rates within the same connection. Thus, helps to save costs.

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Minimize The Inter Office Call Cost Minimizing the call cost for the offices that have multiple branches located at multiple sites or location. With such offices, managing call costs is a challenging task to do. In Telecommunication Sector, Benchmarking Is Being Used As-

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The Various Procedures To Minimize The Inter Office Call Costs Are- Connecting the multiple office locations over IP Utilizing the existing data network to place Voice Over Internet Protocol calls Multiplying the SIP proxy registration that allows to enjoy region-wise cheaper call rates Avoiding ITSP charges by placing the Direct IP calls between various locations Avoiding the long-distance fixed-line connection charges Reducing the maintenance costs with reliable products Avoid usage of expensive and multiple lines between the branches Making provision to access the other branches from the main office easily

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Minimizing the Fixed-to-Mobile call cost Many of the customer care units rely totally in making continuous call to employees, customers and their business alliances for their services. They account to a huge Fixed-to-Mobile call cost. This can be reduced by- Dial and attend to numbers based on denial list Reducing the toll charges for Fixed to Mobile call costs Introduction of automated dialed number arrangement to tally the dialing according to the network pattern Issue the field workers with a single number usage

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Companies have taken the initiatives to enhance their business gain. They have put a ceiling on the financial wastage by the help of waste management consultant . Corporate telco cost savings contribute a substantial part in reducing wastage at present. Many steps are being taken to minimize the wastage as far as possible. Thank You