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Who we are and what we do.


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Continues Improvement:

Continues Improvement Prime Technologies N.V.


Introduction INGESCO: PDC Capture Devices Rayvoss: Transient Voltage Surge Suppression Devices. 2-Ohm ElectroMagnetic Grounding Devices STAT-X Fire Suppressant System Possible Applications Questions and Comments Agenda


Who we are and what we do! Electrical Procurement Specialist Small in Size, but Big in Innovations Moto: Strive to link Traditional expertise and experience with new and Innovative solutions to our customers.   Introduction

INGESCO: PDC Capture Device:

Central shaft and deflection set made in stainless steel 100% of effectiveness in discharges High level of protection Electric continuity guaranteed It preserves its initial properties after each discharge Not fungible (No equivalent on the market) No need for external power supply Operation guaranteed in any atmospheric condition INGESCO: PDC Capture Device

Rayvoss: Transient Voltage Surge Suppression Devices:

Rayvoss: Transient Voltage Surge Suppression Devices In-Line Connection No Fuse Needed Won't Burn or Smoke Does Not Use Parallel MOVs No Thermal Runaway Tested Performance Environmentally Sealed High Surge Current Capability

2-Ohm Electro Magnetic Grounding Devices:

Guaranteed 2-Ohm or less resistance Smooth dissipation of fault, lightning and short circuit currents Resistance to corrosion Manufacturer Guaranty for 20 years Minimum maintenance required Cost savings on maintenance and material replacement over 20 + years Repeated current carrying capacity and continuity 2-Ohm Electro Magnetic Grounding Devices

STAT-X Fire Extinguishing & Suppression System:

Environmentally friendly Ease of installation Safe for personnel and valuable Equipment Very low maintenance Post fire cleanup is minimal Compact Significantly more effective than others agents Ozone Depletion Potential ( ODP ) and Global Warming Potential ( GWP ) are zero. Suitable for enclosed facilities and local applications STAT-X Fire Extinguishing & Suppression System

Possible Applications:

Cellular network radio base stations Microwave radio relay stations Telecommunication central offices Street cabinets housing for telecommunications equipment Wireless rural telephony networks CATV networks Industrial controls and automations Supermarkets & Shopping Malls Hospitals & Schools Busses and transportation applications Defense installations Power plants and wind mill generators Airports, radars and air traffic control and aviation communication systems High end residences Variable speed drives Broadcasting stations Data centers Semiconductor Plants Hotels & Office buildings Possible Applications

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