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Social Innovation(Team I) : 

Social Innovation(Team I) September 8, 2010 ESL II, 2010 GLI , IRPS, UCSD Joe, Rush, and William

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New Method to Social Problem America SIF : Social Innovation Fund OSICP : Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation Britain Big Society Bank 2 Introduction

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Social Innovation The Name of new Approach to alleviate society’s problem Transform the way public service provided by using the aptitude of private sector Social Entrepreneur Someone who makes solutions to social problems Muhammad Yunus: Grameen, a microfinance bank Wendy Sue Kopp: the Teach for America What Public Policy Makers Want To help them promote their ideas quickly and widely To establish the standard of evaluation/effectiveness of the outcome 3 Body – New Approach

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Four Stages in Social Welfare(Stephen Goldsmith) 1st stage: Leaving it to families and charities 2nd stage: Leaving it to Nation’s responsibility 3rd stage: Starting partnership with private sector (cost) 4th stage: Recruiting the aptitude of private sector Investing in What Works Influenced by the CEO(New York’s Program) Focusing more on imitation than on risky innovation Implementation of the social business Assessment of outcome To establish the standard of evaluation/ effectiveness of the work 4 Body – New Approach

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Implementation of the social business “Non-profit intermediaries” Obstacles Adverse attitude to innovation Politics and Bureaucracy The social-impact bond To solve social financial problem Combines social and private investment Provide returns only if there is an achievement Attracting more private sector is one of the challenge Incentive system Inducing creativity from government sector 5 Body – The Way of Implementation

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Innovator’s Concern Main source of fund/bond is largely dependent upon rich donors No precise measurement to assess the achievement accurately Only in the fields of science, it has been effective Recommendation - Civic Entrepreneurs Solution to solve social problem Sub group voluntarily formed to achieve social innovation -6- Body / Conclusion

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Four Principles of Eco2Cities (Workshop on Global Innovations, p. 4, 2009) A City-based Approach An Expanded Platform for Collaborative Design and Decision-making A One-System Approach Investing in Sustainability and Resiliency Suggestions Project must be performed on the long term basis Organization not be influenced by the change of government Collaborative boards of organization to perform the project Public and private sector -7- Conclusion

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