Livingstones 2006

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Livingstones 2006 : 

Livingstones 2006 Against All Odds

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“This is the best lineup the Livingstones have ever had.” –Peter Gammons “This could be the year the ‘Stones put it all together” – Harold Reynolds “It would be surprising if 2006 didn’t end in glory for the Livingstones.” – Jay Mariotti “Barring injury, this Livingstones team will be tough to beat.” – Tino Martinez “The strongest aspect of this ball club is their chemistry. No team compares to the Livingstones in this department.” – Michael Kay

3B Alex Rodriguez : 

3B Alex Rodriguez

1B Justin Morneau : 

1B Justin Morneau

C Joe Mauer : 

C Joe Mauer

2B Alfonso Soriano : 

2B Alfonso Soriano

SS Hanley Ramirez : 

SS Hanley Ramirez

OF Carl Crawford : 

OF Carl Crawford

OF Ken Griffey Jr. : 

OF Ken Griffey Jr.

OF Carlos Quentin : 

OF Carlos Quentin

DH Nick Johnson : 

DH Nick Johnson

P Jake Peavy : 

P Jake Peavy

P Aaron Harang : 

P Aaron Harang

P John Smoltz : 

P John Smoltz

P Billy Wagner : 

P Billy Wagner

P Ben Sheets : 

P Ben Sheets

P Carlos Zambrano : 

P Carlos Zambrano

P Noah Lowry : 

P Noah Lowry

P John Patterson : 

P John Patterson

P Cole Hamels : 

P Cole Hamels

P Felix Hernandez : 

P Felix Hernandez