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Empire Legal (, with its operations across the globe, helps people quickly apply and obtain their citizenship and residency in Paraguay. Paraguay has traditionally been regarded as the heart of South America, a landlocked country located right in the middle of the Continent. With two-thirds of the population of 7 million settled in and around the capital Asuncion, ...the rest of the vast country of 400,000 square kilometers is sparsely populated. The country is bordered by Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina and like most South American countries; Spanish is one of the official languages. An extremely stable country, Paraguay follows a democratic pattern of Government. On demographic parameters, the country also has a decent per capita income, a very high literacy rate, and high life expectancy. With a Passport ranked at 32, the benefits of Paraguayan Permanent Residence and Citizenship are immense. The Paraguayan passport enables you to undertake visa-free travel to more than 132 countries including the Schengen area, UK, and Japan. It is expected that the USA will also allow visa-free access in the near future in line with its policy to align with South America. For further details on Permanent Residency, settlement, and Paraguayan citizenship, please visit us at


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The Heart of South America A sparsely populated land-locked country with most of the population around near the capital A very respected country. Passport ranked: 32 ensuring Visa Free Travel to Schengen zone, UK and Japan Very high literacy rate High life expectancy Democratic government and peaceful country Welcomes serious immigrants THE NEWEST RESIDENCY AND CITIZENSHIP DESTINATION

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Residency and Citizenship Paraguayan Government encourages long-term residency in the country to encourage development in the country . For most countries, Paraguay provides visa free access, others would require an entry visa. Permanent Residence can be obtained once the individual enters the country . For individuals requiring a visa, a simple invite is required which can be arranged and the visa is normally issued in 15 days.

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Documentation required for a Residency application or Visa Individuals should fulfill the following requirements: A bank statement with a balance of around US$ 5000 . A background check . B irth certificate and proof of educational qualifications . In case of family applications, your marriage certificate and the birth certificate of the children are required.  No bar on applications from any background. Empire Legal : Guidance through the entire process

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Why Paraguay ?

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Steps towards Citizenship.. Minimum investment and fastest path to citizenship….

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Get in touch….. EMPIRE LEGAL PLLC 2211 Norfolk St Ste 600 Houston, TX 77098-4055 Direct USA Ph:  1-(281)-769-5377   Main Office +60350331665 Skype: leoslaw2 Visit our website for more  -

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