WhyHolistic Healing for animals in UK is the right choice for your pet

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Emotionalhealing4animals of Holistic Healing for Animals in UK provide a homelike environment for the animal to feel relaxed and enjoy the process of therapy. For more details please call us at 07904280264 or visit www.emotionalhealing4animals.co.uk


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Hoof and Paw Holistic Therapies 46 Wood Dale Great Baddow Chelmsford England UK Page 1 Why Holistic Healing for animals in UK is the right choice for your pets Holistic healing for animals in UK treats animals as a unity of body mind and spirit. There is the use of several different practices which includes herbal remedies acupuncture nutrition acupressure massage chiropractic treatment aromatherapy and even sound therapy that can address a variety of conditions and ailments. For people who have made holistic lifestyle clean eating and nutrition choices as their priority it is only natural that they would want to make the same choices for their pets as well. There are several holistic practices that can be beneficial for a dog. Many veterinarians nowadays combine traditional vet care with holistic therapies. But before fully committing to the treatment procedure it is always better to consult a vet first.

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Hoof and Paw Holistic Therapies 46 Wood Dale Great Baddow Chelmsford England UK Page 2 There are several kinds of holistic treatments like- Dog Massages Massage as its own set of calming and healing benefits. It’s just not useful for relaxing sore muscles. It can help in healing sprains and strains improve blood flow and oxygenation ease anxiety and stress and reduce pain in your dog. Some experts also believe that massage can decrease blood pressure aids in the removal of toxins aids digestion and even strengthens the immune system. Most dogs also enjoy the treatment. The owners can either take their dog to a professional massage therapist or learn to do it themselves which will eventually strengthen the bond between them and their dogs. Chiropractic Treatments for Dogs Chiropractic treatments manipulate the spine and other body parts to relive the muscular joint and skeletal problems. Chiropractic treatment in veterinary is a very gentle process. Low force is used to make certain adjustments to relieve loss of agility and to relieve pain without the use of certain medications. Although its gaining popularity its better to consult the vet before starting any hands- on treatments for your dog. Your Dog’s Nutrition A healthy diet which is a right combination of protein rich meals and nutrients is a major contributor to overall health. It is a major contribution recommended by professional practicing holistic healing for animals in UK. If the dog suffers from digestive upsets or allergies then adjustments in diet can help to make a difference. But always do a thorough research and consult a vet before changing the diet of your dog Acupuncture Acupuncture is an ancient procedure that involves insertion of thin needles. They are inserted at points where blood vessels and nerves come together at acupuncture points. The goal is to help the body heal itself by rectifying energy imbalances in the body. There are many benefits to the

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Hoof and Paw Holistic Therapies 46 Wood Dale Great Baddow Chelmsford England UK Page 3 dog by opting for this process like reduced anxietyimproved blood circulation anti- inflammatory properties and pain relief. It’s a relatively new procedure for pets so should be done under professional care and consultations of a doctor. Acupressure Just like acupuncture acupressure is also based on traditional Chinese medicine. It can be helpful in treating anxiety injuries and improving general health and well- being. By using acupressure points according to traditional Chinese medicines the balance blood flow and other vital things required for self-healing can be reestablished in the body. It’s a gentle and non- invasive method for soothing and healing injuries of an anxious dog. Holistic healing for animals in the UK is fairly a new thing for pet owners but its gaining popularity for its effectiveness. If someone is interested in holistic approach of treatment then it’s crucial that they find the right professional help who is both reliable and experienced.

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