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Audience Feedback :

Audience Feedback Half way through making our film we showed a group of 10 people what our production was like so far. We made a questionnaire for the group to complete after they had watched it. There was 4 questions. By Danielle Feaver

Question 1:

Question 1 Question 1 : What do you think is good about the trailer so far? The shocked face looking around. The darkness used. The darkness. The lighting in the corridor at the end (you don’t know what’s in that room). The pace of the shots. Short cuts. Range of shots. The darkness. The location. The corridor shots and how they flow. The above is the answers the group gave to question 1. This gave us ideas on what we was doing right and what the audience enjoyed about the production so far. It also gave us ideas through what was not mentioned is something we need to improve. By certain people mentioning the darkness is a good thing about our film showed us that we was doing it right and it fits well into our genre.

Question 2:

Question 2 Question 2 : What do you think needs to be improved? Include more special effects. More short shots. More facial expressions. Including music. The narrative. Tense music. More fast cuts. Needs to be more darker outside. More darker outside. The music. The above answers are what the group said to question 2 on the questionnaire. Most of them said about the music which we hadn’t put on at this point therefore this made us know that this is something that the audience expects from a film of our genre. By these answers being given to use we realized what we needed to improve on and how we was going to do that. This is something that the audience expects and our film needs to relate to their expectations.

Question 3:

Question 3 Question 3 : What else do you think needs to be used to make the film fit into its genre? Music. Music. Music. More jumpy cuts. Music. Needs to be darker outside. Music. Fast pace cuts. Music. Music. The above is the answers the group gave to question 3. Once again this is something where the group said that music needed to be inputted into the film. At this point we had no music involved in the production so them saying this was understandable. The other aspects that were involved was something that was obvious to us that we needed to improve on.

Question 4:

Question 4 Question 4 : What is the score out of 10 that you think so far? 7 6 8 7 7 7 7 7 8 7 The above answers are what the group replied to question 4. This gave us the out of 10 score of what they thought of our film so far. By improving certain aspects by our finished product the scores out of 10 would go up.

The Questionnaire:

The Questionnaire This is one of the people from the groups answers for the questionnaire. This is how each of them looked when we got the feedback. Overall this feedback will help us improve our film and make it better by following what the audience expects.

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