Typical Horror Transitions

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Typical Horror Transitions:

Typical Horror Transitions By Danielle Feaver


Cut In typical horror films when the scenes are going fast such as fight scenes the camera cuts at a very fast pace. This makes the scenes flow more effectively and doesn’t go slow. The films where this is used is: The House At The End Of The Street, Childs Play, Wolf Creek, The Last House On The Left, The cut transition is overall used so many times throughout films. They are used to cut to a different scene or cut to another person or location in the same scene. This is the most used transition throughout films and trailers.

Fade To Black:

Fade To Black The fade to black transition is used to introduce silence, cut to another scene and mostly to create tension. When the screen fades to black it creates tension as the viewer doesn’t know what the next scene is going to be. This is effective as it can be used a lot in horror films as they have the aspect of surprise and the unexpected. In horror films the chances are to expect the unexpected and when the transition of fade to black is used this is chance to show this. The films where this is used is: Wolf Creek, Saw, What Lies Beneath, The Devil Inside,