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Installing artificial turf Los Angeles Installing artificial turf in los angeles is a complex matter and requires skill and professionalism. Professional installation of a company that gives manufacturer responsibility for lawn. Installing artificial turf in los angeles involves several steps: 1. First prepare the surface and make sure it is clean of grass or plants. In case the grass or plants are sprayed wait for ten days before planting the synthetic grass and if any grass remains it must be uprooted. The surface must be straight and uniform with no stones or rocks. 2. The height of the ground should be about 5 cm lower than the height at which the grass is placed. Pay attention to drain openings and a drainage system can be installed under the grass. 3. Fill the height with a kurkar stone foundation of 5-10 cm high and fasten. Slice the lawn and fix it with 20 cm galvanized nails. The grass is laid with its fibers all facing in the same direction. 4. In the case of grassy sheets glue them with special glue and tape. Be careful not to apply too much glue which may then rise up between the fibers. In the case of grass with fill add silicate sand and brush the fibers with a broom. Installing artificial turf on a hard surface Includes surface washing and use of lipid solvents. The adhesion should be straight while stretching to prevent gradients. Installing synthetic grass should be accurate otherwise the appearance of the grass will not be uniform and natural. Synthetic grass installation includes many materials as well as the knowledge of how to select and manage the materials properly. If you already invest in quality grass you should pay for a professional installation and be with a quiet head that the grass came out properly. The responsibility associated with installing synthetic grass is extremely important and saves on expenses if needed. A reliable and professional company that performs synthetic turf in an excellent way is "Green Sports System Ltd." This company imports high quality grass from the Netherlands by Edel Grass. The grass is dense and natural and is found in world famous sports fields. "Green Sports" works with many business and private clients and performs synthetic turf installation in places such as: • Hotels • Gardens • Sports fields • Playgrounds • Public Buildings • Business Buildings • Private homes and more. The company installs synthetic grass even in places where organic grass cannot grow. Its grass is durable for years and its soft and pleasant touch. The company provides a manufacturers warranty of between five and eight years.

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View our projects facts and product line : Synthetic grass installation will only be carried out by the authorized parties. Would you like to upgrade the look of the garden next to the house The path leading to the residential building needs a refresh Thanks to Green Sports System Ltd. your dream will come true. From importing and marketing the synthetic grass of Edel Grass to its professional installation we offer advanced solutions for a variety of clients - both private and business. Install artificial turf bedding on any surface in Los Angeles Synthetic grass is an excellent solution for the Israeli climate in which you ensure years of optimum grass appearance grass that looks ideally adapted to its location as if it is treated daily as if it is at its peak in its life cycle day by day. Synthetic grasses choose only after you fully understand the requirements of your garden direct sun climate topography etc. and the functions that the garden play whether it is a private garden whether an ornamental garden or a sports garden a public garden for a childrens game or a garden terrace area In a building and the like every function and space conditions has the ideal lawn for it. When fitting grass for a garden the type of grass needed to be considered depending on the terrain conditions and the type of grass needed varies according to the type of material of which the grass fibers the width of each fiber its height the sunscreen its density and the substrate on it the types vary and vary and affect the initial and final expenditure. The same thing about the fun of the lawn. One of the advantages of synthetic turf is this ability to suit almost any type of surface and any terrain conditions and still get the optimum result of natural high-quality grass touch and appearance. Installing artificial turf on Los Angeles soil Synthetic grass installation time is not long but it contains accurate preparations and the need for professional knowledge and experience the first step after understanding the location and functions of the garden is the soil preparation stage if it is soil soil it must be exposed straightened and bounded in order to prepare the surface for placing the grass. These steps are essential so that the substrate that holds the synthetic turf does not slide beyond its intended area. After that levels and clamps using thin gravel laying thus producing the second base before laying the carpets laying on the second base a watery and airy infiltration that prevents soil growth from repelling or producing waves in the synthetic lawn and then comes the third stage of laying the lawns. Synthetic grass carpets are harmoniously and uniformly positioned to eliminate spacing and irregular orientation and plan so that the number of seams is as low as possible. Then paste the carpets using PVC. Next brush the lawn and fix it with hidden pegs at the connection points thus standing in front of your eyes a uniform green and healthy-looking lawn. The installation is short but requires precise and experienced execution so it is always advisable to choose a long-standing company with a reputation for working under different and demanding conditions and creating a complete response to a well-groomed and inviting garden.

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Synthetic grass installation: in the hands of the experts The kids enjoy playing football on the field Interested in hosting relatives and friends in the yard To make these experiences particularly enjoyable we recommend installing synthetic grass. Synthetic grass has many advantages over natural grass: from convenient and efficient maintenance to aesthetically pleasing and spectacular there is no doubt that synthetic grass installation is the right choice for you. To properly install the synthetic lawn contact the most reliable and efficient professionals. To do this you will need to contact the surrounding area: whether they are friends or relatives if you know they have installed synthetic grass - contact them and ask for their recommendations. After initial filtering contact company representatives. During the initial consultation you will need to discuss several important points: • What is the experience and training that the staff has • How will these professionals perform the installation • What are the materials costs and installation work Alongside these important points it is also important to discuss the level of grass density what height you want it to rise and what shade it should be. So make sure the yard or soccer field is green lush and fresh throughout the year. The n ei g h b ou rs’ lawn The ne ighbour’ s lawn is green Yours can be much greener. All you have to do is contact Green Sports System Ltd. The team of experts we employ will install synthetic grass in your favourite shade as well as your preferred density and concentrations. Feel free to contact us as soon as possible. Synthetic grass installation Looking for Google: Synthetic Grass Installation The search will be performed according to a number of main parameters: from the height of the grass its level of density and the height to which you want the grass to rise. In line with these and other aspects the Green Sports System Ltd. expert team will be happy to install the lawn. Whether it is a home or other area in need of upgrading you are welcome to contact us and receive comprehensive and professional advice. Synthetic Lawn Installation: Comprehensive Information The ne ighbour’ s lawn may be greener but you can also bring the shine back to your garden Unlike natural grass installing synthetic grass is a highly aesthetic and recommended solution. Starting with comfortable and efficient maintenance and care creating a healthy and impressive garden look along with other economic considerations - dont wait a minute: Get interested in synthetic grass today

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Installing synthetic grass is intriguing to you Before you collaborate with the relevant parties you have to ask yourself some important questions: 1. Grass Shade - We all know that grass is green. However many of us are unaware that the grass comes in a variety of dark and bright shades. To refresh the yard near the house you must first choose your favourite shade of grass. At the same time it is also important to consider the additional vegetation in the yard. So the lawn blends well with the extra colors - and will impress your guests. 2. Density of grass - Please note that the higher the density of grass fibers the more impressive the appearance of the lawn. In addition the abrasion resistance of grass is significant as well. 3. The Synthetic Grass Model - At the companies that import the synthetic grass you can find a wide variety of models: whether it is Caesar synthetic grass or other models all you have left is your choice. Synthetic Lawn Installation: Creating impressive green spaces In accordance with this important information you can contact our team at

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