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Are you asking yourself this question? “Where can I find a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy doctor near me?” As a board-certified physician, she has been providing trusted, friendly medical care to the Sarasota area for over 20 years and she takes pride in bettering the lives of her patients. In her professional opinion, bioidentical hormone therapy is a great way to treat hormonal imbalance in both men and women. Start Your Bio identical hormone replacement therapy today.


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Dr Adaline Zalkin MD Hello and thank you for taking intrest in my practice and allowing me to assist you on your health and wellbeing journey.  I have been servicing Sarasota and the surrounding area at my practice The Emerald Medical Group Of Sarasota since 1998.


Not feeling yourself. It does not have to be this way and we understand. Let us help. Come in or schedule an appointment. When you get here you will fill out a quick intake form about yourself, any medications you are on and your medical and family history. After that, you will have your visit and get your tests. We then will give you a complete follow-up and treatment plan to get you feeling your best again in no time.


Is The Way You Are Feeling Bringing You Down, Keeping You From Being Productive, And Affecting You In Every Way?  It’s Unfair For You To Have To Deal With This And It Should Not Determine Or Affect Your Everyday Life. Imagine Life Without These Problems.


Providing trusting friendly comprehensive care to the people who live in Sarasota County full and part-time. Improving the lives and health of our patients is our passion. We utilize conventional, holistic, and natural treatments.


Bioidentical Hormone Therapy FAQ’s Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with pellets is natural and the pellets are matched and designed to meet the needs of each patient.  Your testosterone and estrogen levels are measured and analyzed. After that our lab creates a pellet that is precisely made for your needs. Bio hormones are natural and plant-based.  They metabolize in our bodies very well.


As we age hormone levels, ones that are detrimental to men and women’s health, decrease causing health issues and symptoms. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy helps to normalize these levels which in turn makes you look and feel better, and some might even say younger. The hormones are administered in many ways, but the most common is through a pellet that is personally formulated to fit the patient’s needs at a compounding pharmacy. The pellet is then administered in fatty tissue under your skin. Make sure to use an experienced well-trained physician for your hormonal imbalance therapies. For the treatment to work at peak levels, the pellet and treatment plan has to be formulated to your individual needs and lifestyle.


The risks that occur most often are minor bleeding, bruising and discoloration of the skin. Although they are very rare, infection and possible extrusion of the hormone pellet has occurred. The  side effects of bio hormone therapy are mostly increased hair growth and possible skin breakouts. When they occur it is mostly in the first round of therapy. You are more likely to break out because your body is producing more oil in your skin. A slight change in your care regimen will most likely limit breakouts to a very minimum. Ask your doctor for suggestions. Moving to more oil-free skin care products is key.


Bioidentical hormone replacement will get your hormone levels back to normal. When these hormones are an imbalance, your body does not work correctly. Getting your levels back to normal will make you feel an increase in energy, improved quality of sleep, and an increase in muscle mass and fat burning and it decreases cortisol. Cortisol causes belly fat and type 2 diabetes. It also helps with mood swings anxiety and depression. It helps in the bedroom too with libido and sexual desire. If you think your hormones are imbalanced, bioidentical hormone therapy will help.


Many patients feel results after the first round of treatment when they are on hormone therapy.  Most patients feel optimal results after the second treatment though so it is usually recommended to do two treatments for optimal results.  It took a long time for our hormones to get out of balance and it will take a few months for bio hormone therapy to get them back on track.


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