Emerald Gemstone Origin, Properties And Benefits

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Emerald gem is known as Panna stone in Hindi, gems which are pieces of crystal produced by nature. emerald gemstone is quite vivid gems and belongs to Beryl Family.. Emerald stones bring luck in the life of person wearing a stone. Ahead Read about benefits and properties how a emerald gemstone can change your life.


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EMERALD GEMSTONE Emerald Gemstone is known as Panna Stone. Brazil and Zambia are the leading sellers of fine E meralds. Emerald comes from medium to dark green beryl colored by chromium . Emerald is traditional birthstone for May and astrological gemstone for Cancer.


ASTROLOGICAL PLANET Emerald Gemstone is energical planet of Mercury( Budha ).


EMERALD GEMSTONE ORIGIN Colombia is the highest seller of Emerald Gemstone. These are intense and deep in color. Brazil is another country where mining of emerald is done. These are lighter in color and are quite transparent. Emerald mining is also done in Zimbabwe. The stones are small in size, are found in very good quality.




PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Emerald belongs to the Beryl family. It includes aluminum, beryllium, and chromium. Its hardness reaches up to 8.0 on Mohs Scale.


CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Its chemical equation is (Be3Al2(SiO3)6). Its refractive index territory is 1.565 to 1.602 and Density lies in between 2.67 to 2.78.


COLOR COMPOSITION Emerald color varies from light to dark according to its origin. Emerald contains inclusions and by applying oil we can increase its beauty.


EMERALD GEMSTONE BENEFITS It increases your confidence hesitate in front of people. It reduces mental stress and stabilizes your blood circulation. It brings happiness and passion in one’s life. This gemstone improves your communication skills and helps in getting a good command of verbal skills.


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