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survive in a tough work place


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Positive Thinking :

P ositive T hinking Mohamed ELOKL Consultant Geriatrician


Roadmap Positive thinking principals 7 habits of highly effective people The secret

confusion is everywhere…:

confusion is everywhere… US Department of Veteran affairs

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Are the lines crooked or straight? Optillusions.com

The Tale of the Golden Goose :

The Tale of the Golden Goose There was a farmer who bought a golden goose . A week later the golden goose laid a golden egg ! He sold the golden egg and spent the money. The following week he finds that the golden goose laid another golden egg! Again he sold it in and spent the money. This happens week after week until one week the farmer just can't wait till the end of the week to get the golden egg so he kills his golden goose and takes the golden egg out of it. He spends all the money. But the next week he realizes that there is No golden egg , for he has killed his golden goose . The moral of the story is to Never Kill Your Golden Goose .

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How to Stay POSI + IVE in a TOUGH Work Environment

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What is happening around you ……. Who is trying to kick you out ……..

The Environment:

The Environment Determinism Theory Negative World View Changing Environment YOU Beware the Bullets! Negative Work Environment Past Experiences Other People’s Behavior Ouch!

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- Dog eat dog . . . everyone fighting to get ahead - No one appreciates your contributions - Too much work . . . not enough help - Longer hours . . . additional work - Budget Constraints - Issue in management / direction - Job insecurity Negative Work Environment

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Other People’s Behavior Bulldozers Snipers Exploders Clams Patronizers Complainers Controllers Backstabbers Walking Wounded Negatives Gossips Brown Nosers Whiners

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Challenges our paradigms Alters the way we think Makes life more difficult for a while Causes Stress Changing Environment “The only person who always likes change is a wet baby”

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Past Experiences Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

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Media Frenzy Mad media in a mad world Negative World View

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GENETIC : My Grandparents did it to me. (Inherited traits) PSYCHIC : My Parents did it to me. (Upbringing) ENVIRONMENTAL : My Spouse, my Boss, the Company, the Economy, etc.. is doing this to me. (Surroundings) Determinism Theory

Life’s Little Question:

“Are some people just born positive thinkers . . . or is it their CHOICE ?” Life’s Little Question

In spite of all of that, YOU ‘ve a choice … Choose the Right Luggage:

In spite of all of that, YOU ‘ve a choice … Choose the Right Luggage Dodge Bullets Be Bulletproof

The Problem With Dodging Bullets:

You’re going to get hit! The Problem With Dodging Bullets

Choice #2 :

Choice #2 Wear Bulletproof Armor

Bulletproof Armor Comes from :

Bulletproof Armor Comes from SELF CHANGE

Putting on the Armor:

Putting on the Armor Change 3 Things!

How to Change Your Attitude:

How to Change Your Attitude ATTITUDE ATTITUDE Changes happen personally from the INSIDE OUT!

So . . . Accept Responsibility:

I am responsible . . . . . . for what I have . . . for what I do ATTITUDE So . . . Accept Responsibility

Step #2 Take Control:

Negative world view YOU FROM THE INSIDE . . . OUT! Vision Values Mission Discipline ATTITUDE Step #2 Take Control

How to Change Your Thinking:

How to Change Your Thinking THINKING THINKING Changes come from observing logically in every situation

Observe Your Thinking self talks :

Observe Your Thinking self talks THINKING It sucks to be him. I refuse to let this hook me! This is all very interesting What can I do to defuse this? Tomorrow it will look very different. I’d like to beat the …

Manage Your Self-Talk:

Manage Your Self - Talk If you think you Can, or you think you Can’t… YOU’RE RIGHT ! Henry Ford THINKING This is going to be a crappy day ! i've never done it before It's too complicated There's not enough time. There's no way it will work. It's too radical a change. No one bothers to communicate with me. This is going to be a wonderful day ! It's an opportunity to learn something new. I'll tackle it from a different angle. Necessity is the mother of invention. Let's re-evaluate some priorities. I can try to make it work. Let's take a chance

Choose Your Behavior:

Choose Your Behavior REACTIVE Response RESPONSIBLE My Response My Choice BEHAVIOR Stimulus Stimulus

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Stop Think Go

Steps Toward Changing Behavior:

Steps Toward Changing Behavior Unconscious Incompetence You don't know you are bad Conscience Incompetence You know you are bad Conscience Competence You know you are good Unconscious Competence (Habit ) You are good becomes your habit BEHAVIOR The New YOU!

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We are what we repeatedly do . Excellence ,then, is not an act, but a habit Aristotle

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Skills (how to) Desire (want to) Knowledge (what to, why to) HABITS

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The habits of highly effective people

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HABIT1 . Be Proactive HABIT2 . Begin with the end in Mind HABIT3. Put first things first HABIT4 . Think win-win HABIT5. Seek First to Understand …Then to be Understood HABIT6 . Synergize HABIT7 . Sharpen the Saw

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“You are respons- able: able to choose your respons!” Habit 1 : Be proactive

HABIT 1: Be Proactive:

HABIT 1: Be Proactive Proactivity T aking initiative, not waiting for others to act first, and being responsible for what you do . Reactive people react to what goes on around them. Proactive people act based on principles . Be proactive® This is the ability to control one's environment, rather than have it controls you.

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Habit 2 : Begin with the end in mind

HABIT 2: Begin with the End in Mind All Things Are Created Twice Plan well. Think things through. Remember The carpenter's rule is "measure twice, cut once." :

HABIT 2: Begin with the End in Mind All Things Are Created Twice Plan well. Think things through. Remember The carpenter's rule is " measure twice, cut once."

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Identify your principles and ask your self : What do you want people to think, imagine, and remember about you ? It is precisely these statements, images, and memories which should be your principles .

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Habit 3 : Put first things first

habit 3 - put first things first®:

habit 3 - put first things first ® the habit of personal management. organising and implementing activities in line with your aims

The Emotional Bank Account:

The Emotional Bank Account Relationships with people as Emotional bank account Deposit Withdrawal Major Deposits Ways that you can make deposits in emotional bank accounts are:   Understanding the Individual Attending to Little Things Keeping Commitments Clarifying Expectations Showing Personal Integrity Apologizing Sincerely When you Make a Withdrawal

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Habit 4 : Think Win/win

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It’s not your way or my way, it’s a better way

habit 4 - think win-win®:

habit 4 - think win-win ® The habit of interpersonal leadership. win-win is based on the assumption that there is plenty for everyone , and that success follows a co-operative approach more naturally than the confrontation of win-or-lose.

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Habit 5 : Seek first to understand, then to be understood

habit 5 - seek first to understand and then to be understood®:

habit 5 - seek first to understand and then to be understood ® Habit of communication. 'diagnose before you prescribe'. Simple and effective, and essential for developing and maintaining positive relationships in all aspects of life.

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In order to have influence, you have to open yourself up to bé influenced

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Habit 6 : Synergize “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

habit 6 - synergize®:

habit 6 - synergize ® the habit of creative co-operation - the principle that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts , The challenge to see the good and potential in the other person's contribution.

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Habit 7 : Sharpen the Saw

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Read, write, relax, exercise, play, love, get involved, meditate …

habit 7 - sharpen the saw®:

habit 7 - sharpen the saw ® self renewal four parts: the spiritual, mental , physical and the social/emotional  

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Look at the chart Say the colour of the word, not the word itself Why is it hard? Optillusions.com

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“Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things … I am tempted to think … there are no little things ” How can you adopt the good habits Call for help 999

The Law of Attraction :

The Law of Attraction If you see it in your mind , you ‘r going to have it in your hands this is the secret

If you see it in your mind, you're going to hold it in your hand:

If you see it in your mind, you're going to hold it in your hand If you can think about what you want in your mind, and make that your dominant thought , you will bring it into your life.   Thoughts become things! Thoughts become things! Thoughts become things! Thoughts become things! Thoughts become things!  

The law of attraction:

The law of attraction like attracts like Thoughts are magnetic, and thoughts have a frequency. As you think, those thoughts are sent out into the Universe, and they magnetically attract all like things that are on the same frequency. Everything sent out returns to the source. And that source is You.

Laws of Nature:

Laws of Nature law of gravity. If you fall off a building it doesn't matter if you're a good person or a bad person, you're going to hit the ground . Law of attraction Everything that surrounds you right now in your life, including the things you're complaining about, you've attracted . Say I want , never say I don't want

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create what you want in three simple steps: ASK BELIEVE RECEIVE

stay POSI+IVE:

stay POSI + IVE Sprinkle some “positive” on the negatives Focus on the good of each day Stay out of the “feeding frenzies” Say “please” and “thank you” and “ I’m sorry” Practice EMPATHY Evaluate YOUR behavior Never miss an opportunity to complement Spread a SMILE around Replace the BAD HABITS! BEHAVIOR

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  البحر موعدنا وشاطئنا العواصِف جازِف فقد بعُد القريب ومات من ترجوة واشتد المُخالِف لن يرحم الموجُ الجبان ولن ينال الأمن َ خائِف ولا تأمن لهذا الليل أن يمضى ولا أن يُصلح الأشياء تالِف هذا طريقُ البحر لا يُفضى لغَيرِ البحر والمجهولُ قد يخفى لعارِف جازِف فإن سُدَّت جميع طَرائقِ الدنيا أمامك فأقَتَحِمها. لا تقف كى لا تمُوتَ وأنت واقِف محمد ابراهيم ابو سنة `

Epilogue :

Epilogue " And , when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it .“ The Alchemist Paulo Coelho

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B + ---------- T hank Y ou

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