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Elofic is one of India's largest filter manufacturing companies producing a complete range of filters and lubricants. So if you are looking for best industrial lubricants please feel free to contact us.


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Why does your diesel engine need frequent repairs and what is the importance of fuel filters in Motorcycles We have come across a whole century and three decades of advancement in vehicle and engine technology since its first inception. Today the automobile industry is still one of the fastest- growing and rapidly changing industries with enormous development in the field of technological advancement in diesel or petrol engines. We can completely remove the negativity of engine failure or fuel trouble from our life as we think nothing can go wrong in our vehicles or engines with so much of advanced technology. But we happen to be wrong every day about these issues. The coolant systems in diesel automobiles are one of the most important yet neglected parts. But you might be surprised to know that diesel engine coolant is as important as oil change or maintenance in diesel engines. The in diesel engines coolant system is even more important than in petrol or gasoline run engines. The same problem is with bike owners that they think every fuel station in this age provides them clean and pure fuel wherever they go. But that is not the case as if you think that a million or trillion-dollar industry can never provide you unclean or impure fuel then you are very wrong. This is the reason why motorcycle fuel filters are so important for bike owners. This blog shows you the importance and the problems that you might face if you use wrong diesel engine coolant or how important it is to use the proper motorcycle fuel filters for bike owners.

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Why do we need diesel engine coolant Every diesel automobile owner needs to understand the importance of diesel engine coolant but most people dont know the reason behind its importance these results in neglect and ultimately engine failure of diesel engines. Some of the important functions of diesel engine coolant are:  Coolant solves the problem of cavitations which is one of the major problems in every diesel engine.  A good diesel engine coolant like that of Elofic is provided with additives like SCAs which prevents this problem.  A good diesel engine coolant not only protects the engine from overheating during summer but also protects the engine from freezing in winters.  It also helps to protect the engine from rusting through radiators or natural water like rain mud etc.  A good coolant should also be made from organic contents which are biodegradable and cause much less harm to the environment.  A good diesel engine coolant also helps to protect the engines and plastic parts and increase the longevity of the automobile.  A good diesel engine coolant also helps to increase the fuel efficiency of diesel engines. These are the reasons for the importance of coolant and therefore it is very important to also choose the best coolant that is available in the market which provides maximum efficiency. Elofic coolants are very good as they are:  Organic and causes no harm to the environment.  The diesel engine coolant also helps in defying electrolysis.  The use of hard water in these coolants makes them 4 times more stable than other aftermarket coolants.  The coolants last very long and run for more than 2-3 years easily. Why do we need good motorcycle fuel filters Most of the time ones motorcycle engine fails the reason is due to an unclean carburetor or motorcycle fuel filters. Although the older bikes which had carburetors the motorcycle fuel filters were easy to clean or replace but in the new fuel injection bikes the fuel filters are very expensive and are hard to obtain everywhere. Due to lack of proper fuel filters certain problems may arise in bikes like:  Clogging of injection systems which can cause starting problems or ultimately lead to the breakdown of bikes.  The cost of recurrent servicing for bikes increases due to lack of proper motorcycle fuel filters. If one does not use proper motorcycle fuel filters it may cause corrosion in the engine and can lead to the breakdown of your bike.  A company like Elofic also provides in-tank filtration systems that help to keep the fuel tank clean as well and is compatible with almost all kinds of fuel tanks.

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 The motorcycle fuel filter also helps to keep the performance and acceleration of the bikes smooth and sturdy so that you dont face any performance issues. I hope this blog helps you to understand the importance of diesel engine coolants and motorcycle fuel filters of automobiles as most people face a lot of engine troubles due to ill maintenance and use of poor quality coolants and fuel filters. The use of good quality coolants and fuel filters at regular intervals is what will keep your automobiles running in great condition and reduce your maintenance costs. Most of the problems involving automobile happens due to ignorance of the owner therefore I hope this blog will help you to take better care of your automobile.

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