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Elofic is one of India's largest filter manufacturing companies producing a complete range of filters and lubricants. So if you are looking for best industrial lubricants please feel free to contact us.


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Fuel Filter and Lubricants for your Two Wheelers :

Fuel Filter and Lubricants for your Two Wheelers


Your motorcycle is obviously the most loved and treasured possession of yours and you always want it to run smoothly. But if it is not fitted with a good fuel filter, it will surely develop certain snags. Fuel Filter, therefore, performs some important tasks in the modern, high tolerant fuel system of the vehicles. It keeps the fuel clean and protects the vehicle from internal damage . Elofic is one of the most leading lubricant manufacturing companies in India . It produces fuel filters for petrol and diesel run vehicles and caters to a wide range of clientele in India and abroad with its quality services. The auditors, engineers, and managers of Elofic work together, maintaining ethics and values and thus help it find its place among the top lubricant manufacturing companies in India .


Elofic motorcycle fuel filters come in different designs, shapes and sizes. ‘Plastic in Line’, ‘Metallic in Line’, and ‘In tanks’ are the petrol run motorcycle fuel filter. While ‘Metal Free’, ‘Water Separator’, ‘CAV Type’, ‘Coil Type Diesel’, Coarse and Fine Diesel’ are the available variety for diesel run motorcycles. Motorcycle fuel filters enhance as well as retain the efficiency and longevity of the engine. They filter and separate water and other particles like dust and contaminants from the fuel and ensure the smooth functioning of the engine. Further, they maintain the International standards to filter the impurities mixed with fuel and corroborate to the seamless running of the engine by maintaining the maximum fuel temperature.The fuel filters from the house of Elofic , the reputed Lubricant manufacturing company in India is cost effective and environment friendly. The fuel filters perfectly align into the fuel line. With experiences of decades, the engineers of Elofic apply cutting edge technology to bring forth the fuel filters into the market. Elofic is renowned for quality services and on time delivery since it believes in the satisfaction of its customers.  

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