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Elofic industries are the largest Lubricant oil manufacturers in delhi. Elofic offers high quality lubricants and grease to its wide diversity of industrial enterprises and OEM suppliers.


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Get Out of the Dilemma and Adopt Elofic Fuel Filters:

Get Out of the Dilemma and Adopt Elofic Fuel Filters


We often stuck in a situation where we get confused which Motorcycle fuel filter is of good quality and match up with our expectations and which one is not. Actually, the usage of the bad or inappropriate fuel filter can lead to additional hassles of recurrent servicing of engine, poor acceleration or breakdown, damage to the fuel injection system and overall reduced engine performance. So, to get you out of this situation, Elofic has introduced best motorcycle fuel filters that you have ever purchased. You will find its quality oriented and will prevent the damage to the sensitive components. Our Elofic fuel filters come in a variety of designs and sizes and the user can choose the products as per their requirement and utility. Our fuel filters increase the efficiency and durability of the engine. The application of the fuel filters is extended but not limited to heavy commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, tractors, and other stationary equipment. Following are the benefits of our filters: Multi-layered media to remove smallest particles/debris Compact design and modular structure Environment-friendly and service friendly Integrates perfectly into the fuel line Cost-effective and augment the engine’s performance Ensures optimum fuel temperature Clean fuel injectors Providing excellent protection to the engine as fuel-water separators.


With parallel to this, Elofic is also a radiator coolant manufacturer offering high-quality 4x coolants to its wide diversity of clientele including OEM dealers and business enterprises hailing from varied industrial verticals. These coolants are the composition of a fine mixture of mono-ethylene glycol and other necessary additives which are used as metal passivators , organic corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidants, anti- scalants , de- foamers , buffering agents and dye.


Following are the benefits of our coolants : It prevents the engine from freezing in winters It protects from corrosion or rust of the engine’s water body and radiator. The coolant of Elofic 4x is stable with hard water from natural resources. It protects the plastic and rubber components of the engine form deteriorating Helps to defy electrolysis Environment-friendly organic formulation.

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