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Elofic is one of India's largest filter manufacturing companies producing a complete range of filters and lubricants. So if you are looking for best industrial lubricants please feel free to contact us.


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The Evolution of Car Air Filters:

The Evolution of Car Air Filters


Before delving into the background, let us first learn the use of an air filter for our cars. So what is an air filter? Well, it’s a device which is used to filter the dust particles and allows clean air to pass in, in any engine. Machines like air conditioners, aircraft, car engines, etc. generally use such filters where the quality of the air is important for proper functioning. The concept of air filters actually gained precedence when people working in a hazardous environment like coal mines and chemical factories began to show respiratory diseases on a large scale. The government especially began to focus on these devices in the 20th century. Air filter manufacturing took its limelight with the invention of HEPA: High-Efficiency Particulate Air. One of the most popular air filter manufacturers after that time were the Hammes brothers, Klaus and Manfred. They invented the “oven clean air filter”. Seeing the importance and popularity of these devices, many companies chose to include such filters in their machines for better functioning. They started applying it in cars, compressors, invertors, etc. And thus car air filter manufacturing came into the picture along with the other types. It is to be noted that Klaus Hammes also proved to be an efficient car air filter manufacturer by inventing Cabin air filter for Mercedes Benz.


In this century, the production of these devices has exponentially increased along with its necessity. Air filters can be found in various machines and can also be bought separately, to use it in any engine. Elofic is one of the noteworthy companies providing such air filters. They provide highly efficient and cost-effective air filters, available as “ metalhead cap”, “cabin air”, “air filter assemblies” and many more types. Air filters might seem unimportant, but in a hindsight, I believe they are quite underrated in terms of their uses.

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