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Audience Feedback To collect feedback for my magazine I asked a variety of people- mainly young girls ages 8-15 and mothers of girls these ages about there thoughts and feelings of my magazine’s ideas so far. I done this by posting a link to my blog on facebook and getting people to message/comment there feedback. I decided to post it on facebook as it is an easy way of getting reliable feedback from reliable sources. Facebook enables you to share posts, because of this I can get an even varied range of feedback from young girls/mothers all over the world. Young people are usually associated with social networking sites and are known for being very popular with this audience group, this is another reason why I chose to get some feedback via facebook. Feedback on next slide…

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Feedback From Facebook My feedback was very successful in terms of the amount I got. 6 people shared the link and overall I got feedback from 14 young girls and 4 mothers. “ I really like the name bubble pop and the idea of celebrities blowing bubbles on each issue of the magazine. My favorite colour is pink so I agree with you that the colour pink should be used a lot on/in the magazine. I love getting free gifts with my magazine. I think you should include posters of one direction and other pop stars in the magazine.” Alice aged 9 “Overall, based on all of your ideas so far, I would definitely buy the magazine. I think you should add more exclusive information in the magazine to make people want to buy it more and also incorporate more pop stars/bands like Justin Bieber, union J, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. I love the images on the contact sheet, however I think you should take more outside instead of the majority on a white background. My friends said they love the magazine and wish it was real” Ellie aged 12 “As a mother I would like my daughter to not get any bad ideas from magazines. From what I have read on the blog I feel that bubble pop would be very harm-free and not give my daughter any bad ideas. I think the magazine should give girls advice on being confident and not focusing on the pressures to be ‘perfect’. Posters are a must as my daughter loves them, especially of bands like one direction and little mix. The price of the magazine should not be to expensive- maximum £2.99.” Linda aged 37 “Although young girls love pink I think you should include a wide range of colors on/in you magazine to make it look more exciting and interesting as well as feminine. I like your ideas for sub stories and cover stories however I think you should make things sound more exclusive and focus on female pop stars, not just male pop stars/bands like one direction. I would definitely buy this magazine.” Poppy aged 13

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Extended Feedback Not all young girls and mothers are on facebook. Because of this, I decided to extend my audience feedback by personally asking people I know or that go to my school (that hadn’t previously given feedback on facebook) about there views on my magazine ideas so far. I did this by showing and telling them about my ideas so far. “ As a mum I feel this magazine is something suitable for all young girls. It’s girly, age appropriate and if priced reasonably would do very well in today's magazine market. I think you should possibly add a games section to the magazine, e.g.. Word searches and cross words with a pop music topic- this would make the magazine more engaging and give young girls something to do if bored. I think it also adds a ‘good value for money’ effect to the magazine. ” Kayley aged 35 “ I absolutely love the idea of this magazine. If it were a real thing I would definitely buy it at a maximum price of £2.99. I think you should focus more on the contents page as that is the page I usually ignore because I find it boring and hard to understand. It should be clear and have images- not much text. I love competitions and offers in magazines because they excite me- especially competitions involving concerts and meet +greets.” Madison aged 9 -100% of people who gave feedback said they would buy the magazine. -100% of mothers said the magazine was suitable for its audience (age appropriate)

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Audience Feedback- What I have learnt This audience feedback process has been very beneficial to the production of my magazine. I have been able to get good feedback from my target audience and parents of which allows me to know the needs of my audience. I now feel that I am fully ready to start producing my magazine to a high standard and one that shows I am very aware of who the magazine is for. I got some positive and negative comments from the audience, all of which I have thoroughly analyzed and come to terms with some improvements I need to make (listed below). Improvements/musts for magazine Include posters of popular pop artists/bands Have a reasonable price- maximum £2.99 Use pink and other bright colors to make the magazine look more exciting and interesting Include competitions and offers Give advice on confidence and the pressures to be ‘perfect’ More images than text Clear information (contents page) Possibly include games- word searches and cross words Use same amount of female singers to male singers