What are some UI and UX design principles to design a website?


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Here are some important UX/UI practices that a designer should have in mind while trying to provide users with a seamless experience


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Best UX/UI practices to provide users with a seamless experience

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Make it simple yet clear People just take cursory glances at content on a website and don’t always go through it word by word. For increased ability of comprehension among users consistent design elements combined with the right amount of aesthetic value should do the trick.

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Recognize the target audience Know the requirements and desires of your audience understand them completely find your competitors in the same industry and use simple yet unique ideas to stand out from the crowd.

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Set the hierarchy right It is important to understand that seamless navigation is at the core of a good user experience. The most important information should be combined with the right navigational elements to lead the user intuitively into a smooth transitional user experience.

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Don’t use complicated vocabulary Use of right terminology should be consistent and simple across the entire user experience spectrum. If a user has to refer an external source to understand what a particular term means on a website or your design it doesn’t augur well on your user-centered design capabilities. Straightforwardness will be helpful.

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Enable responsiveness In today’s world of mobile ubiquitousness it is important that you factor in the element of responsive design as one of the foundational elements of usable design. Great user experience involves some customization as well. This also stops the user from getting distracted by irrelevant content and makes the process efficient.

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