Cold pack cells & cold packaging products

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Cold pack cells & cold packaging products


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Cold pack cells & cold packaging products :

Cold pack cells & cold packaging products

Ice Mat:

Ice Mat The ice mat use for sports injuries and it won’t burn your skin even when frozen.

 Ice Blanket :

 Ice Blanket The Ice Blanket use for prolong your ice in your cooler or esky or keep fresh when your fridge isn’t plugged in.

Reusable Dry Ice Packs:

Reusable Dry Ice Packs The reusable dry ice pack quickly active as soon as it's soaked in water. The reusable dry ice made in secret formulation for the ice pack to stay frozen as long.

Heat Packs:

Heat Packs The heat Dry ice packs come with highly recommended by physiotherapists around the world simply because it provides non-medicated pain relief, heat packs low-cost and ease of use.

Insulated Pallet Cover Shipper:

Insulated Pallet Cover Shipper The insulated pallet covers come in many varities and designed of insulated pallet that make things cool or even warm. In several cold countries, it is a challenge to keep products at ambient temperature and this pallet cover aids in helping to keep the product at ambient temperature.

Esky Ice boxes:

Esky Ice boxes The Esky coolers are lockable and fitted that allowing you to quickly lock the Cooler. The insulation is the same material that is used in insulation cold storage rooms.

PCM Bricks :

PCM Bricks PCM gel packs are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, where the specimens are temperature is critical. PCM gel packs are even designed to be more malleable when frozen.

Tuna Gullet Ice Gel pack:

Tuna Gullet Ice Gel pack The tuna Dry ice sheets packs are designed for frozen and inserted into the gullet of the tuna before they are packed and stored to be transported.

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