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Gel pens are some of the most user friendly writing accessories that you can get for yourself. These pens are used extensively everywhere nowadays, starting from offices and business environments to classrooms, art classes and homes. People use gel pens for all kinds of work, starting from signing documents and creating artwork to writing quickly during examinations. For more information please visit us :


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Elkos pens:

Elkos pens Writing freedom

GEL Pens:

GEL Pens Advantages of using gel pens

They have more prominent ink:

They have more prominent ink with high viscosity, this means it supports more number of pigments in the medium.

They are smoother to use:

They are smoother to use the ink flows freely & can be used with more smoothness. These do not get easily smeared.

They are available in many variations:

They are available in many variations differ in shape, print, color and grips, and comes in varied styles.

Write bolder create more opaque lines:

Write bolder create more opaque lines use more ink which is wetter, and is able to write on smooth and non-absorbent surfaces as well

They bleed less :

They bleed less ink does not spread while writing , creates finer lines which are more controlled & clearer

These are affordable:

These are affordable a popular choice for everyone from students to professionals

Elkos pens offers a wide range of gel pens:

Elkos pens offers a wide range of gel pens with long lasting refill and feather-flow system with Japanese ink.

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