Best 5 Quietest Air Purifiers

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Best 5 Quietest Air Purifiers Best 5 Quietest Air Purifiers – Best Air Purifiers for Bedrooms We frequently receive emails from people who are interested in this field it is “which air purifiers do you have that are quietest so that I can turn it on all night when i sleep ” Most air purifiers are quiet on low setting mode but what you want in your bedroom is air purifiers that still has a good performance without noise. While ensuring good performance here is the list of best quietest air purifiers. They are also suitable for your office too where you want to have a quiet air purifiers so you do not see it in the back ground. There are so many air purifier advertisements on the market say that their products are whisper quiet and noiseless when running but in fact it is only true when we set it up to run in lowest mode. If you are finding an air purifier operate at high performance regularly for your bedroom you should look for an quiet air purifiers. The quietest air purifiers make noise level around 15-25 decibels while the noisiest types will reach 65-75 decibels. Normally air purifiers will make noise level around 30-40 decibels. These types of air purifiers have different noise level when operating. HEPA air purifiers type pull in air filter it and then bring the air back into space. Therefore they often make noise when the rotor rotates. For air purifier with ionizers attract airborne particles by generating negative ions and it does not have built-in fans or motors which makes it quiet while operating. The air purifier with ionizer can clean up the air but it leave the remaining particles on the surface of the room.

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Best 5 Quietest Air Purifiers list here : We recommend either QuietPure or Airmega 300s air purifiers 1.QuietPure Whisper Air Purifier  Coverage: 350 sq. ft.  Decibel Range: 26-58  Warranty: 1 yr.  Whisper Quiet 2.Airmega 300 300S Series Air Purifiers Similar to 400 Series

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 Coverage: 1256 sq. ft.  Decibel Range: 22 – 52 dB.  Smart automatic operation 3.Blueair 203 Slim HepaSilent Air-Purification SystemBest for Bedrooms  Coverage: to 581 sq. ft.  Decibel Range: 32-56  Warranty: 5 yrs.  Energy Star Certified

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4.Blueair Pro Hepasilent® Air Purifier You can choose the LLarge Room or MMedium Room up to the room size.  Coverage: 937 sq. ft.  Decibel Range: 32-55  Warranty: Lifetime  Ideal for kids room 5.QuietPure Home Air Purifier  Coverage: 880 sq. ft.  Decibel Range: 32-65

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 True HEPA  Warranty: Lifetime Best 5 Quietest Air Purifiers report

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