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How to be prepare for the Nigeria Tour - This Guide will Help You The gateway to see inside the life of a true African Nigeria is the most populated and famous country of Africa. The country is home to wildlife and rare animal bird and plant species. Not only its wildlife but its traditions and cultures are so unique that they do require a visitation to understand them well. If you want to tour Nigeria with cheap flights and want a complete travel guide then here we are providing it so you can prepare your trip in a better way.  Currency: the official currency of Nigeria is Naira. You will find Nigeria very cheap as 1 pound is equivalent to 456 Naira. Unlike UK cash is frequently use in the country and you will find a very less use of credit or debit cards especially in the countryside territories. However the use of cards is now increasing in the big cities like Abuja and Lagos. When you are going Nigeria make sure to bring pounds as much money you supposed to spend in Nigeria. Stay away from credit card conmen as they are common at the streets.  Transportation: shuttle buses and taxis are widely used in the country for transportation. Travelers at the airport can grab a shuttle transfer or a shuttle bus offered by the hotel you are staying in. taxi can be taken too but will be expensive than the bus. It is recommended to choose a licensed taxi for travelling. You will know a taxi is licensed if it is yellow in color. Travel at daytime because there is danger of being hijacked in night.  Language: there are more than 400 languages spoken in Nigeria because if difference ethnic groups and communities living in the country. However the official language of Nigeria is English. The major three languages spoken in Nigeria are Hausa Ibo and Yoruba.  Cuisine: Nigerian food and cuisine has its own identity in the world and tourists like to explore the new and unique taste that the country has to bestow. The country is composed of dozens of ethnic groups and cultures so you will find a variety of flavors within the Nigerian Cuisine. Some of the best dishes to try in Nigeria include Pounded Yam boiled dish Garri a king dish in Nigeria small yellow balls made up of cassava tubers that have been fermented Egusi Soup the most famous soup in Nigeria Egusi Soup is a meat fermented beans and green vegetables gravy with spices in it Jollof Rice hot spicy rice with plenty of spices and herbs and Suya traditional Nigerian Barbeque.

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 Dress Code: the national dress of Nigeria is known as Hausa-Fulani for men where they also wear a head turban called ‘fula’. Women dress is a long gown referred as ‘abaya’ and a head wrapped colorful scarf. Tourists are not supposed to wear the same dress but dressing modestly is recommended. Especially when you are visiting the sub- Saharan territory you should be dressed diffidently because 90 of the population in Saharan territory is Muslims. Ty to wear light but full clothes covering all of your body. The climate is hot in Nigeria so light cotton and linen clothes are recommended to take along with you. If you are heading Nigeria in rainy season then a rainwear is a must that can also be bought by a local market.  Prominent Cities: the most prominent cities of Nigeria include Lagos Abuja Kano and Ibadan.  Attractions: the most prominent attractions of Nigeria are as follows 1 The Ibeno Beach: roaring turquoise waves hitting the brownest seashore a must visit attraction if you want to relax. 2 Awhum Waterfall: consisting of waterfalls lakes cascades and a monastery Awhum Waterfall represents the natural beauty of Nigeria. 3 Port Harcourt Tourist Beach: a picturesque perfect attraction for the tourist it is the place where you can stay away from the hustle bustle of the country while being utmost tranquil. 4 Alok Ikom Monoliths: a unique yet interesting place to visit. At Alok Ikom Monoliths 300 white painted carved stones are standing in a circle facing each other and having texts and images engraved on them. This attraction is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its uniqueness. 5 The Tinapa Free Zone Resort: when you are in mood to enjoy some adventure while being in Nigeria then this place should be in your bucket list. The resort is more like an entertainment sight than a resort with having a restaurant a cinema a small amphitheater children’s’ arcade casino pub spas night club and a lot more. 6 The Emotan Statue: a recommended attraction if you are interested in history and architecture. The statue is an example of great architecture and also represents the history of Nigeria and African traditions in the best manner. 7 Nana Living History Museum: a museum that has a huge collection of articles pertaining to history of many centuries. Built in the 19 th century by a wealthy businessman this museum gives you a lot of information about the Nigerian culture and customs. 8 New Afrika Shrine: enjoy the true African music and traditional African dance it is a place worth visiting for some enjoyment hours.  Weather: like the rest of Africa Nigeria’s weather is hot and humid. Nearly all around the year the climate of Nigeria is hot and tough especially the months of June July and August are extremely hot. The Southern coast is hot and humid rainy season happens in March to November and December and January are relatively cold months. It is the weather of most of the cities. However the temperature do varies from city to city.  Best time to visit: the best time to visit Nigeria is from October to January. Tourists flocked to the country because of its light weather during these months. 50 of the population of Nigeria is Muslim and 50 of the remaining is Christian so Ramadan/ Eid and Christmas/ Easter are the busiest time in Nigeria. Nigerians are best in celebrating their events so an experience to any of these festivals will be very enjoyable. Thanks

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