Codes and Conventions of a Magazine Advert

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Codes and Conventions of a Magazine Advert:

Codes and Conventions of a Magazine Advert A magazine advert is a good way to catch the audience’s attention. It promotes both the artist and the song and should be eye catching in order for people to stop and look at it.


Artist name and album – this is important as it promotes the artist and the audience can recognise the name of the album. Release date – this tells people that they can purchase the album now. Where you can purchase the album – this is important as the audience know where they can actually buy the album from. Including further persuasive elements, e.g. featuring – this is emphasising who the artist has collaborated with to intrigue the audience.


Image – this, alongside the name, promotes the artist. It gives a sense of ‘star image’ and contributes to the eye catching feel of the advert. Listing singles that are on the album – this could further entice the audience to purchase the album if they know the leading singles.

To conclude…:

To conclude… Magazine adverts are a good way to promote the artist and the song/album. In addition to the features I’ve pinpointed, sometimes included in the advert is a line from a review – but only a positive review as a bad example wouldn’t give them a good reputation.