Analysis of Past Students Magazine Adverts

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Analysis of past students magazine advert:

Analysis of past students magazine advert Elite Records


‘ Paramore ’ is the main focus of the magazine advert, this is good because people will know who they are and also, the name of the upcoming single. This is the most important information, therefore its good that is stands out to the viewer. They’ve promoted where to buy their new single and also they’ve put their website on the advert. However, they could of put their social media accounts on the poster so fans can easily access their Twitter, YouTube etc. They’ve included an image of their upcoming single, this is good because buyers will know what it looks like, therefore they can easily find it in shops. Also, they’ve included a review from a rock music magazine, this meaning buyers of the single will know that it is recommended by a good magazine, this leading to more fans buying the single. The image they’ve used is bright and colourful, this meaning it’ll stand out in a magazine.


The colour of the text clashes with the image in the background, this making it hard to read the text. Doesn’t say when the single is being released, therefore people won’t know when they can purchase the song, and also where to purchase the song. The logo complements the colour of the text, however it doesn’t match the image used. The image is dull and doesn’t include many colours, this making it the magazine advert not very eye catching. However, the image does match the music video, for example being on holiday, sun and the sea.