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Entertainment Industry:

Entertainment Industry The entertainment industry can provide great reward in you can get discovered. You would become famous, travel the world, experience a life most people dream of having. But with every big reward will require hard work, sacrifice and dedication. Many people say that they have what it takes until they are put to the test. But the real truth is: Most of you will fail Most of you will never see stardom Most of you will never take the next step The small few that make it must be able to get over these challenges

Challenges :

Challenges Today’s industry has changed now you have to have value, materials, personality or an it factor. You must also know the business to avoid being taken advantage of. You have to be able to spot a scam while building relationship with quality industry professionals Learn not to burn bridges everyone knows everyone, and anyone who's someone will spread their experience with you to their colleagues.


Myth You do not need to spend money to get started. If they want you they will pay to get you started with materials. Never pay for anything when it comes to getting notice.


Truth No major agency will come to you, therefore you have to be willing to travel to the major cities to be seen No agency will spend money on a person that not proven no matter how good you look A real agency will have you test shoot first with a legitimate photographer before they sign you. Average cost $300 -$1000 If an agency advance you any money you have to re-pay it. Therefore that would possibly be done if you have a guarantee job lined up. No one will pay you to come to a model call or audition


Reality This is not a something for nothing business People with that attitude will be taken advantage of and will not make it 0 + 0 = 0 You have to be willing to invest in learning the business, what you will need to look professional, get paid like a professional and what will make an agency want to sign you Keep in mind if you do not pay for your pictures you do not own your pictures and your pictures can end up anywhere. An educated person goes a long way in this business When you know your business you are less likely to burn bridges or be burnt.

How Elite Image International Can Help:

How Elite Image International Can Help We will take the guess work out of getting started and making costly mistakes. We will give you step-by-step instruction base off of your unique talent Show you how to spot a scam and stay safe We will show you what is needed to make the next step to getting signed and getting paid work

Mentorship Program:

Mentorship Program Program includes: - Evaluate your materials and set up a program customized for you. - A complete image overhaul - Step by step weekly plans to keep you on track. - Review all job opportunities help you negotiate rate if needed - Help find you a good agent or manager in less than a year - Consultations and evaluation of your progress - Set up meet and greet with industry professions within 90 days of your program - Invites to press and red carpet events

Mentorship Cost:

Mentorship Cost You may ask what would something like this cost me? We keep it simple we set up a monthly retainer system that range from $45 to $125. You chose what you are willing to pay and we customize your plan for you. This will be month to month and you can cancel anytime.

Piece of Mind:

Piece of Mind Having a piece of mind is very important - Your safety is invaluable - Having a mentor can help with both

About Karen Slade:

About Karen Slade Karen Slade have over 17 years experience in this business as an international model now image and brand manager I have knowledge to not only show you what you need but how to get notice. Karen Slade have casted for major shows and designers also worked over 500 runway shows in New York, Paris, Milan, London, the Americas and Caribbean. Allow her many years of experience work for you.

Your Next Step:

Your Next Step Do not be like the others in your position taking advice from people who are not industry savvy Friends and Family means well but they can not advise you on industry standards and can often do more harm than good Ignorance is not an excuse if you do not know your business you will not go far


Conclusion We understand this program is not for everyone and if you choose not to move forward with this program we wish you the best in all of your talent endeavors But if you are a forward thinking and tired of doing the same thing and getting the same results this program is perfect for you. To chose the program that suits your needs click the link below and get start and Karen Slade will personally call you to get you started. http://www.eliteimagesite.com/id94.html