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My Favorite Pictures : 

My Favorite Pictures KEI NITTA LUNDIN

Wedding : 

Wedding This is our wedding picture. The people in the picture are my sister, my husband, my mom, my dad and me. They visited from Japan for our wedding. This was taken 9/20/2008 in Newport Beach. The reception was at our aunt`s house. It was a great time.

Grandma & Grandpa : 

Grandma & Grandpa The people in the picture are my grandparents. This picture was taken April of this year. The background are Japanese cherry blossoms. My home town is in the country side so I can see the Japanese cherry blossoms everywhere.

My Dog : 

My Dog This is a picture of my dog. Its name is Roy. I think I took this picture this spring. It was taken at my family`s house in Japan. Roy is there now. I miss my family and I also miss Roy.

My best friend : 

My best friend The other girl in the picture is my best friend Marie. We met in high school. She is kind and cute. The black car is mine, but it is in Japan now. This picture was taken on 8/13/2008. We went to an outside concert. It was hot but we were excited !!!

Friends : 

Friends The other girls in the picture are my friends Shiori and Yoko. We met in college in Osaka, the second biggest city in Japan. This picture was taken in the Fall of 2007. I was living alone close to my work. They visited me in my apartment.