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Electric chainsaws are typically used for light to medium pruning and are the only type of chainsaw that is officially safe to use indoors. While they have a fair bit less power than gas-powered chainsaws and not all of the mobility that cordless chainsaws do, they're a great chainsaw for casual, home owners.


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And into the world Of chainsaws :

And into the world Of chainsaws

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This is perhaps the most Important thing you need to keep in mind prior to chainsawing .

Just like going to war,:

Just like going to war , Y ou need to go to the battle grounds with the appropriate shield and armor.

Before operating your chainsaw,:

Before operating your chainsaw, you need to conduct a preliminary test  in order to determine if all things are safely in place.

Even if you have used your chainsaw for a couple of times:

Even if you have used your chainsaw for a couple of times I t pays to start it smart. That means starting the chainsaw on a firm ground. Never ever drop start!

Refuel Your Chainsaw Carefully:

Refuel Your Chainsaw Carefully If you are using a gas- powered chainsaw, you need to refuel your device carefully in order to prevent sentinel events.

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