Innovation in Tech Metals revolutionize Nylon manufacturing

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Innovation in Tech Metals Revolutionize Nylon Manufacturing

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An innovation has recently emerged in the manufacturing process of nylon, which now makes use of  tech metals . The Critical Materials Institute (CMI), the innovation hub of the US Department of Energy, developed a chemical process that improves upon the existing manufacturing process of nylon, utilizing a tech metal named cerium. This cerium-based metal is utilized by turning it into nano -sized particles with a catalyst named palladium in order to create cyclohexanone , the main ingredient used in the manufacturing of nylon.

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The old process of creating cyclohexanone involved an environment that could support both high temperature and pressure, necessitating the use of hydrogen. “After a through trial and error process, we finally managed to pinpoint a reaction that works splendidly at room temperature as well as the ambient pressure”, said Igor Slowing a CMI scientist. “In terms of cost, this new process is a massive plus as it needs lesser hydrogen and is far more energy efficient to produce.” The way the Critical Material Institute is addressing this discovery is rather unique. Addressing the concerns that exist on a global scale regarding the demand and supply of rare tech metals; Slowing also stated; “The group of researchers focused on three varying catalytic reactions that are used in production of nylon in high volumes. Not to mention the enormous applications it has in the industry.” He further said, “As CMI scientists we are only looking at catalysis, so our approach to this particular is from a specific angle. Alternatively, the other teams who are working on the same idea are in the quest to use as little tech metals as possible, while we, on the other hand, are trying to make the best use of the tech metals that can be found in nature abundantly“.

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