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The inventor of the telephone   The visionary man, who invented the telephone, was Alexander Graham Bell. This built the first telephone in 1876, in the state of Massachusetts, in the United States. This useful invention consists on the transmission of sounds at the distance using the electricity. Alexander Graham Bell, is born in Edinburgh, in the year of 1847. The profession of this was the one of scientific. Who carried out big taxes, in different areas of the technology of that time? The family of Bell, in general, worked in the area of the locution. This added to their mother's deafness, made that the scientist, and was interested in the topics you tune. Mainly with all the related to the acoustics. For ended, it didn't take a lot in that their interests derived to the elements related with the communication. It is this way, like in 1876; it develops the telephone, with the financial support of their in-laws. The system that used is basically the one that we continue using. The transformation of the sound, in electric impulses. That same year, Bell patented its invention.


Apart from that, Bell helped to improve and to explore diverse fields of the electronics. It was one of the first scientists, in looking for the way to record sounds, by means of magnetic fields. Also, its interest for diverse topics of the scientific environment, took it to be one of the founders of the National Geographic Society. In a same way, it is believed that Bell who developed the first detector of metals was. Nevertheless, the feat of Bell, it was steamed up in the 2002. In that then everybody considered that fuel him who invented the telephone. But the Congress of the United States, to carry out an act of justice, recognized in an official way, the contribution to the development of the telephone carried out by Antonio Meucci. Meucci, Italian era who is born in the 1808, in Florence. After diverse problems in their life, with the Italian governments of the time, he/she left to live to the United States. Meucci, it would have invented a basic form of the telephone, in 1854. Their necessity, quite simple era. To unite in a direct way, their office with the second floor, where it was their room. This, since their lady suffered of rheumatism, for what could not lower with easiness, the stairways of the house. This way, she could communicate easily, with their husband, in front of any necessity that was presented. Independently of these technical terms, today in day it is recognized almost universally that who invented the telephone it was Bell.

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