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Party of the Streetlights Another party of national character is that of the Streetlights that takes place the day 15 of the first lunar month and it corresponds to the first night of full moon after the Party of Primer. In these party many programs such folklorists are presented as parades of stilts and dances of the dragon. The dragon that appears in the Party of the Streetlights is composed from nine to twelve segments, united by cloths that are loaded by payees that take hanging lanterns: these, as the dragon advances, they shake in one and another end the lanterns imitating the I contour serpentine of the animal. Besides this show, they are also broadly welcomes the dance of lions and that of the earth boat. A typical meal in this party is the ball of glutinous rice with sweet fillers or meat. As they are round and compact, they represent the solid family meeting. In the night of this party, they are organized, in many cities, exhibitions of streetlights and they take place veiled of riddles. Written in papers, these are hung in the lanterns and their solution gives place to the grant of prizes. In the field it is celebrated with artificial fires, parades of stilts, swing games and yang (a very popular folkloric dance in the north of China)


Party of the Boat of Dragon The Party of the Ship of Dragon also calls herself Party of Twice as much Five because it corresponds a day five of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. He/she takes place this party to honor the great patriotic poet's memory Qu Yuan(339-278 a.n.e.), in that time China was in the Period of the Kingdom Combatants. When Qu Yuan knew that the capital of its Kingdom had fallen in hands of the troops of the Kingdom Qin, the pain that felt arrived to the height. Full with indignation and sadness was thrown to the River Miluo the day 5 of the fifth month of the same year. He/she says the legend that when finding out the great poet's death the population that lived to both banks, sheltering feelings of deep pain, they went aboard in boats in dragon way with the hope of rescuing their cadaver in the river, but all their efforts were in vain. In that moment somebody proposed an ingenious idea them to toss to the river great quantity of rice to feed the fish so that those don't bite the poet's body. With the lapsed years people commemorate this date in two forms: to make sport competitions rowing in boats in dragon way. This sport of amusing and commemorative character usually makes in the south of China where rivers and lakes are plentiful; another form is to savor Zongzi. Zings is a similar meal to the tamale that gets ready with glutinous rice, wrapped in bamboo leaves or of cane.


Marriage Traditionally, the Chinese town avoids marrying people of the same last name. However, this has changed. The future boyfriends of nowadays they exchange pa-tzu (eight Chinese characters). For those of traditional mentality, the eight characters indicate compatibility according to the year, month, day and time from birth. For the less strict ones, the astrologers only analyze from birth the date and the hour of the couple to select a perfect day for their wedding. In the past, the boyfriend gave a gift to the woman's parents with who wanted to marry. The gift in general consisted on money or expensive gifts. Nevertheless, today many families simply accept the most abstract benefit in a future son-in-law that has a good education or possess strong employment perspectives.

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