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​Axial Fan, Jet Fan operation control, automation with complete feedback mechanism and integration with fire alarm system, Building management system (BMS), with auto/manual facility, based on carbon monoxide / nitrogen dioxide / nitrogen oxide / CO2 concentration. Thereby maintaining ideal air quality as per OSHA, NIOSH, as well as reducing operating cost and energy consumption.


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Enclosed Parking Ventilation:

Enclosed Parking Ventilation 1 EK Engineering (India) CO/NO2 detection, Fan Control and automation System www.ekeindia.com E: [email protected] Mobile: +91-96809 66000 (India)

Components of Demand Ventilation::

Components of Demand Ventilation: Ventilation fans Control dampers – air, fire, smoke and fire & smoke Gas Detectors (toxic) PLC / Control System MCC / Electrical Starter Panel Optional: integration with BMS, Fire alarm system 2 www.ekeindia.com E: [email protected] Mobile: +91-96809 66000 (India)

Air Ventilation Fans:

Air Ventilation Fans 3 For Ducted and ductless (Jet Fan) ventilation system Jet Fans Axial Fans CE, AMCA sound and air certified Available diameter 315~ 1600mm with 300 ° C / 2 Hrs and 400 ° C / 2 hrs fire rated Sound rating < 75 dBA Fan Efficiency up to 84 % Motor: IEC Designed, 50 or 60 Hz, Class F, H www.ekeindia.com E: [email protected] Mobile: +91-96809 66000 (India)

Air & Fire Movement Control Products::

Air & Fire Movement Control Products: 4 For building, industrial and tunnel application Motorised / manual dampers for: Smoke Fire Air Fire & Smoke UL555, UL555 S, AMCA certified Galvanized, 304 or 316 stainless steel Material www.ekeindia.com E: [email protected] Mobile: +91-96809 66000 (India)

Advantage of demand controlled ventilation::

Advantage of demand controlled ventilation: Low energy demand, lower operating cost Ventilation as and when, demanded Better indoor air quality, lower toxicity Low equipment’s wear and tear Low maintenance cost User configurable Close loop feedback system methodology 5 www.ekeindia.com E: [email protected] Mobile: +91-96809 66000 (India)


AutoVent Dedicatedly designed for ventilation control requirements Most advance, accurate, sensitive sensors / detectors Low response time No cross-sensitivity, hence no false alarms Scalable, efficient yet flexible design Cost effective, faster than other existing system Easy integration with Fire alarm system (FAS), BMS, SCADA 6 by EK Engineering Advantages: www.ekeindia.com E: [email protected] Mobile: +91-96809 66000 (India)

Toxic Gas monitoring:

Toxic Gas monitoring Due to internal combustion engine of vehicles, and insufficient natural ventilation, there will be concentration build up of toxic gases CO, NO2, NO, SO Safety norms require concentration of toxic gases below permissible limits: Carbon monoxide: 25 ppm for 8 hours; 35 ppm for 15 mins Nitrogen oxide (NO): 1 ppm for 8 hours; 5 ppm for 15 mins Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2): 3 ppm for 8 hours; 5 ppm for 15 mins Sulphur dioxide (SO2): 2 ppm for 8 hours; 5 ppm for 15 mins Carbon dioxide (SO2): 5000 ppm for 8 hours; 30,000 ppm for 15 mins 7 www.ekeindia.com E: [email protected] Mobile: +91-96809 66000 (India)

Gas detector Options::

Gas detector Options: CO sensor transmitter: measuring range: 0-300 ppm, 0-500 ppm NO sensor transmitter: measuring range: 0-30 ppm NO 2 sensor transmitter: measuring range: 0-20 ppm SO 2 sensor transmitter: measuring range: 0-20 ppm Combined CO+NO 2 sensor transmitter: 0-300 ppm CO, 0-20 ppm NO 2 Combined CO+NO sensor transmitter: 0-300 ppm CO, 0-20 ppm NO Combined CO+SO 2 sensor transmitter: 0-300 ppm CO, 0-20 ppm SO 2 Combined CO+CO 2 sensor transmitter: 0-300 ppm CO, 0-5000 ppm CO 2 8 www.ekeindia.com E: [email protected] Mobile: +91-96809 66000 (India)

Specifications CO sensor transmitter::

Specifications CO sensor transmitter: Capable of providing continuous, online measurement and monitoring of CO UL2075 certified sensor Electro-chemical galvanic (Gel electrolyte) technology with low evaporation rate Optional: capable of monitoring CO radicals, for early fire & Smoke detection Low Response time t 90 < 30 sec Output: analog, digital RS485 Modbus RTU Sensor cell should be plug-in, field replaceable Sensor life expectancy > 7 years, replaceable sensor cell 9 www.ekeindia.com E: [email protected] Mobile: +91-96809 66000 (India)

Specifications CO sensor transmitter::

Specifications CO sensor transmitter: Housing: IP65 weather proof with fire retardant UL94: V0 rated Optional: potential free relays for local alarm / device operation. Optional: LCD Display with gas type, concentration and unit readout. Mounting: Wall, Duct, Ceiling, pipe Over flooding and overexposure protection Reverse polarity and short circuit protection CE certified, EMC- Directive 2014/30/EU compliant 10 www.ekeindia.com E: [email protected] Mobile: +91-96809 66000 (India)

Specifications PLC / Control Unit::

Specifications PLC / Control Unit: Digital communication architecture with bi-directional communication with gas detectors Multiple threshold for each sensor to identify and trigger normal ventilation, fire mode etc. Closed loop, feedback mode with gas detectors, MCC panel, BMS and FAS system. LCD based human machine interface or display unit for parameter, status display Auto and manual system operation, and remote local function in MCC panel BMS, SCADA integration facility Integration with fire alarm system (FAS) 11 www.ekeindia.com E: [email protected] Mobile: +91-96809 66000 (India)

Specifications PLC / Control Unit::

Specifications PLC / Control Unit: Remote control of on-board relays on detection units, to regulate local alarm units. Threshold settings, configuration via touchscreen Auto-diagnostic watchdog with built in error code, fault LED indication Password protection against unauthorized access Remote input facility Digital output and control signals for fan electrical panels Optional: configurable with variable frequency drives for axial, jet fans, centrifugal fans 12 www.ekeindia.com E: [email protected] Mobile: +91-96809 66000 (India)

AutoVent (digital) Architecture::

AutoVent (digital) Architecture: 13 S1 Control Unit / Panel Control Room / Area S = CO, NO, NO2, SO2 sensor (multi or single detector) Communication cable: 2 x 2-core twisted, shielded cable S2 S6 S7 S5 S8 Sn S4 S3 To BMS / SCADA Fire Alarm System Fan MCC panel (and VFD panel) www.ekeindia.com E: [email protected] Mobile: +91-96809 66000 (India)

Contact us::

Contact us: 14 Email: [email protected] Website: www.ekeindia.com Mobile / WhatsApp: +91 96809 66000 www.ekeindia.com E: [email protected] Mobile: +91-96809 66000 (India)

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