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If you plan to buy coir products in bulk, it is best to buy them wholesale from coir products manufacturers like EHG 360. They are one of the leading exporters of coconut coir products and their aim is the manufacture products which are environment-friendly, sustainable and biodegradable. They truly have an amazing collection coir products such as, coir blanket rolls, coir logs, hanging baskets, coir liners, coir grow mats, coir pith blocks, coir door mats, and more.


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Ehg 360 Exports Pvt Ltd:

Ehg 360 Exports Pvt Ltd Door Mats and Rubber Floor mats & Eco Friendly Yoga mats & Yoga Accessories Manufacturers and Suppliers

About Us:

About Us EHG 360 is a leading exporter of wholesale coconut coir products used for environmental, gardening, and home purposes. Our customers trust and depend on us to offer high quality products. Because we are all-natural, sustainable, and biodegradable, partnering with us helps protect the planet and nourish the future.

Eco Friendly Yoga Mat Manufacturer:

Eco Friendly Yoga Mat Manufacturer Eco-friendly products have become the norm now and almost all the industries including those in the business of yoga products are manufacturing eco-friendly products. EHG 360 is one such eco friendly yoga mat manufacturer who has made a name for themselves by providing high quality and appealing eco friendly yoga mat s. Their mats are made of 100% organic cotton, natural rubber, and other eco-friendly materials. These yoga mats are lightweight in nature yet durable and long-lasting. They provide great support and grip and are sweat resistant as well as odor free. It is also quite easy to clean and maintain these eco friendly yoga mats .

Yoga Products Manufacturers :

Y oga P roducts M anufacturers There are many yoga products manufacturers in the market today but if you are planning to invest in bulk yoga products , it is best to opt for reputed manufacturers such as EHG 360. They are one of the leading manufacturers of various products including yoga products made of natural materials. Their aim is to manufacture products which are sustainable, biodegradable and safe for the environment. Their collection of yoga products is quite vast, and you will easily find your desired products. Their collection includes yoga mat bags , yoga straps , yoga bolsters , Zafu cushions , foam blocks , etc. Check out their website for the complete collection.

Yoga Mat bags manufacturers :

Y oga M at bags manufacturers When you search for yoga products , make sure that you search for specific manufacturers such as yoga mat bags manufacturers so that you can get the products at the right price. EHG 360 is one such manufacturer and in fact they are a one-stop destination for all your yoga products. The key feature of this manufacturer is that all their products are eco-friendly which means they are safe not just for to you to use but also for the nature around you. Yoga mat bags is one of the most important yoga accessories and you should definitely invest in which is made of high quality and durable material.

Door Mats Manufacturers in India:

D oor Mats Manufacturers in India There is no dearth of door mats manufacturers in India and it can get quite difficult for you to choose one among the many that are available. It is best to keep some criteria in mind while choosing a door mat manufacturer , such as the reputation of the company, the quality of their products, price range, collection, etc. One manufacturer which tick marks all these criteria is EHG 360. They manufacture high-quality door mats at affordable rates. Their door mats are popular for their designs, durability, and practicality. You can choose from standard looking doormats to personalized ones.

Rubber Door Mats Manufacturer in India:

R ubber D oor M ats M anufacturer in India As one of the leading rubber door mats manufacturer in India , EHG 360 enjoys a reputation which has helped its customer base to steadily grow. Their rubber door mats are one of the best in the industry and are also preferred as they are made from 100% vulcanized, recycled rubber. You will have no dearth of options when it comes to choosing the perfectly designed rubber mats for your homes and offices. Their rubber wrought iron doormats have some beautiful designs and will definitely enhance the appearance of your entry way. It is quite easy to clean and maintain these rubber door mats as well.

PVC Door Mat Manufacturers India:

PVC Door M at M anufacturers India When it comes to the best PVC door mat manufacturers India , EHG 360, a leading exporter of wholesale coir products is right among the top of the list. A door mat is definitely one of the key features of your home or office décor and rather than just serving its purpose of keeping the dust, dirt, grime, etc., away, it also acts as an eye-catcher in your entry way. EHG 360 manufacturers some beautifully designed PVC door mats which are lightweight yet strong and durable. They come with great grip and support which ensures that people do not slip and injure themselves.

Foot Mat Manufacturer in India :

F oot M at M anufacturer in India A foot mat may seem like a small thing, but they are actually quite important for a number of reasons. This is why, EHG 360, a leading foot mat manufacturer in India manufactures some amazing and beautiful foot mats which can help in keeping all the dirt and dust away from the interiors of your home and office. Since foot mats usually experience heavy foot traffic, it is important that you invest in high quality foot mats from EHG 360 which have the right amount of grip and traction. EHG 360 offers regular foot mats as well as some beautifully designed ones.

Best Yoga Mat Wholesale Suppliers India:

B est Y oga M at W holesale Suppliers India Yoga practitioners, especially those who make a living out of it, are often in search of the best yoga mat wholesale suppliers India . Well, this search ends at EHG 360, a leading exporter of wholesale coir products which includes yoga mats and other yoga accessories as well. By investing in these eco-friendly yoga mats from EHG 360, you are not only investing in high quality yoga mats but are also doing your part in making the environment sustainable. You can buy other yoga accessories as well from them, such as yoga mat bags , yoga straps , yoga bolsters , Zafu cushions , foam blocks , etc.

Our Products:

Our Products Coir Products Coir Pith and Fiber Coir Growing Media Coir Pith Blocks Coco Chips Coco Peat Briquettes Coir Grow Bags Buffered Coir Substrate Coir Disc Pellets And Cubes

Our Products – cont.:

Our Products – cont. Coir Planters Coir Weed Control Mulch Mats Coco Pole (Sticks) Seed Starter Coco Pots Coir Nursery Pots Hanging Baskets Coir Liners Coir Grow Mats Soil Erosion Control Coir Geotextiles Coir Logs Coir Blanket Rolls

Our Products – cont.:

Our Products – cont. Door Mats Coir Doormats Non Slip Coir Doormat Tufted Coir Doormat Handwoven Coir Door Mat Rubber Wrought Iron Doormat Coco Brush Door Mats Coco Non Brush Panama Mats

Our Products – cont.:

Our Products – cont. Rubber Floor Mats Perforated Drainage Mats Entrance Scraper Mats Interlocking Mats Stair Treads Boot Trays Mat Rolls Stable And Grass Mats

Our Products – cont.:

Our Products – cont. Yoga and Meditation Yoga Mats Cotton Yoga Mats Non Slip Yoga Mats Yoga Props and Accessories Foam Blocks Zafu Cushion Yoga Bolsters Yoga Straps Yoga Mat Bags

Contact Us:

Contact Us Company : Ehg 360 Exports Pvt Ltd Contact Person : Suresh Kanthaswamy Contact Number : +91 8056688335 Contact Email : [email protected] Website url : / Address : No.33, Palaniammal Layout, Venkatesa Colony , Near Iyyappan Temple, Pollachi , Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India Pincode : 642001

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