Activism Project 2010

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By Brittney Eggers Activism Project 2010

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Raise Awareness What is it? Why is it important? How women have developed over the centuries Where to get more information on women’s studies Places to go for women in need Purpose of Our Project Strides Feminism Helpful Information

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Our Project Brochures Vulvapalooza Videos

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Various ages and ethnicities Received various information and opinions Changed some people’s opinions Had interviewee say “This is what a feminist looks like” Asked variety of questions Incorporated all interviews together Added transitions and animations Videos Interviews Editing

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Videos Final Videos “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” “This is What a Feminist Is” “This is What a Feminist is Not”

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Explain what feminism is How you know if you are a feminist Timeline of the struggles of women Information for women in difficult situations Classes to learn more about women’s studies Brochures

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Brochures Feminism Is. . . You Might Be a Feminist If. . . The Waves of Feminism You Might Be A Feminist If. . . Feminism Is. . . The Waves of Feminism

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Table with brochures Our videos were playing Cupcakes and candy for those who stopped by Pens, tablets, and pencils Congregating with people from other tables Sharing thoughts and ideas Vulvapalooza

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Lynn Moore Lara Rexrode Brittney Eggers Bethany McCarthy Margarita Reach Amy Pierce April Davis Brittney Eggers Lynn Moore Bethany McCarthy Maggie Van Antwerp Ashley Sulzucki Lara Rexrode Participants Movies Brochure Table Talent

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“This is What a Feminist is Not” “You Might Be a Feminist If” My Part Video Shoots Video Editing Brochures Vulvapalooza

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What Went Well Gathering of Information Video Shooting Video Editing Table Setup

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Small turnout Lack of Conflict of interests What Went Poorly Vulvapalooza Communication Leaders

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Smaller More willing to do their part Incorporate everyone’s ideas Listen and discuss with everyone before making decisions More frequent Exact place specified What I Would Do Differently Group Ideas Meetings

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Learned new skill Ability to make their answers come to life People all gathered for a common purpose Speaking with people with the same interests Educating those with little knowledge on the subject What I Enjoyed Editing Videos Vulvapalooza

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We finished everything Looked professional Enjoyed what we did Reached out to some individuals Success of the Project Our Work Vulvapalooza

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dx In Conclusion “The thing women have yet to learn is nobody Gives you power. You just take it.” ~Roseanne