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Effitrac Provides HR and Payroll Management Software for all types of businesses. Our HR Software manages your workforce with Leave Management, Time and Attendance Management System.


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What is so special about Effitrac’s HRMS Payroll Is this the scenario in your office Have your HR ever felt so It happens. Well we are not in the 1980s where the main task of HRs was to distribute internal memos around the office. The evolution of the internet and HRMS Payroll Softwares was a great relief for HR. It opened them a new world of impeccable features that are going to revolutionise the world of HR. At effitrac we understand the commitment of HR. In fact we have an amazing HR working for us. So we deeply understand the demands and needs of an HR. We have designed the software with care and we assure you of great reliability and trust. So what makes Effitrac HRMS special Innovation everywhere So you can see it. Right from providing daily attendance details to biometric integration we have over the board features fabricated with innovative ideas. Some of our great features include:- ● Project management ● Employee Scheduling ● OT Holidays ● Payday calculation ● Ad hoc deductions ● Leave Management ● Reports Compliance ● Incidence management ● Employee Benefits ● E-Separation ● and so on.

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Simple and easy steps We do not let you get confused with industry jargons or tough steps. The one step process lets you easily track down your HR commitments like a pro. Minimise cost Compared to other software in the market Effitrac costs less. Right from SMEs to Tech giants we have features and costs that best suites everyone. Do contact our account team to know further. Less Space more productivity Your office will no longer get bugged with papers and internal memos. Our ​HR | Payroll software never lets your office place clogged with papers and other HR stuffs. Access instantly from anywhere anytime Our mobile app lets you take control of your time. You can easily record your sick leave or report your onsite duty from whichever place you are. Reduce and eliminate payroll fraud No more controversies surrounding payroll changes. Effitrac lets you accurately track down the payroll through leave and time management features. Improved Security Your data is safely stored in a perfect place. Store your data from intruders and hackers through Effitrac. Get the recognition you deserve After you buy Effitrac products you will immediately notice this change. HR Highly Recognised What more do you need Join ​Effitrac ​ for a productive HR Payroll experience.

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