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The destruction of the forests is occurring due to various reasons, one of the main reasons being the short term economic benefits. :

The destruction of the forests is occurring due to various reasons, one of the main reasons being the short term economic benefits. What is deforestation?

What are the Causes of Deforestation?:

What are the Causes of Deforestation? Used for Urban and Construction Purposes: The cutting down of trees for lumber that is used for building materials, furniture, and paper products. Forests are also cleared in order to accommodate expanding urban areas . To Grow Crops: Forests are also cut down in order to clear land for growing crops . To Create Grazing Land: Forests are cut down in order create land for grazing cattle .

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Used for Fuel: Trees are cut down in developing countries to be used as firewood or turned into charcoal, which are used for cooking. Other causes of deforestation are: clearing forests for oil and mining exploitation; to make highways and roads; slash and burn farming techniques; wildfires; and acid rain and heating purposes.

What are the Effects of Deforestation?:

What are the Effects of Deforestation? Erosion of Soil: When forest areas are cleared, it results in exposing the soil to the sun, making it very dry and eventually, infertile, due to volatile nutrients such as nitrogen being lost. In addition, when there is rainfall, it washes away the rest of the nutrients, which flow with the rainwater into waterways . Disruption of the Water Cycle: Trees contribute in a large way in maintaining the water cycle. They draw up water via their roots, which is then released into the atmosphere. A large part of the water that circulates in the ecosystem of rainforests, for instance, remains inside the plants. When these trees are cut down it results in the climate getting drier in that area.

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Loss of Biodiversity: The unique biodiversity of various geographical areas is being lost on a scale that is quite unprecedented. Even though tropical rainforests make up just 6 percent of the surface area of the Earth, about 80-90 percent of the entire species of the world exist here. Due to massive deforestation, about 50 to 100 species of animals are being lost each day. The outcome of which is the extinction of animals and plants on a massive scale. Flooding and Drought: One of the vital functions of forests is to absorb and store great amounts of water quickly when there are heavy rains. When forests are cut down, this regulation of the flow of water is disrupted, which leads to alternating periods of flood and then drought in the affected area . Climate Change: It is well known that global warming is being caused largely due to emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. However, what is not known quite as well is that deforestation has a direction association with carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

How Fast is Deforestation Happening? :

How Fast is Deforestation Happening? Forests still cover about 30 percent of the Earth's surface, but each year about 13 million hectares of forest (approximately 78,000 square miles ) are converted to agricultural land or cleared for other purposes. Of that figure, approximately 6 million hectares (about 23,000 square miles) is primary forest, which is defined in the 2005 Global Forest Resources Assessment as forests of "native species where there are no clearly visible indications of human activities and where the ecological processes are not significantly disturbed."

Why is Deforestation a Problem? :

Why is Deforestation a Problem? Scientists estimate that 80 percent of all species on Earth—including those not yet discovered—live in tropical rainforests. Deforestation in those regions wipes out critical habitat, disrupts ecosystems and leads to the potential extinction of many species, including irreplaceable species that could be used to make medicines , which might be essential for cures or effective treatments of the world's most devastating diseases. Deforestation also contributes to global warming —tropical deforestation accounts for about 20 percent of all greenhouse gases—and has a significant impact on the global economy. While some people may receive immediate economic benefits from activities that result in deforestation, those short-term gains cannot offset the negative long-term economic losses.

Simple ways to stop deforestation:

Simple ways to stop deforestation Plant a tree. Go paperless. Recycle and buy recycled products. Look for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification on wood and wood products. Eat vegetarian meals as often as possible.

thank you and God Bless:

thank you and God Bless

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