5 Local Search Marketing Tactics

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Let’s look at 5 local search marketing tactics that your brand could use to capitalize on this situation.


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5 Local Search Marketing Tactics That Your Brand Could Use Location-based marketing has become an automatic part of a consumer’s life. Even when someone doesn’t specifically search for a product near them search engines will still share relevant and local results. The Internet has changed the whole digital marketing landscape making small businesses that utilize local marketing tactics compete against giant companies online. If you’re a small to medium business it’s time to get smart about local marketing and include it as an important leveraging tool in your brand’s digital marketing strategy. Let’s look at 5 local search marketing tactics that your brand could use to capitalize on this situation: Don’t Underestimate The Power of Local SEO Without taking steps to optimize your website for local search results your brand will be competing with every website on the Internet. Instead you could be competing and winning in your local market Ensure that your digital marketing strategy involves establishing proof that your business is a local business so that Google will recognise you as one. Invest in Responsive Web Design Any digital marketing agency in India will attest to the fact that SEO begins with treating the user as a priority a.k.a responsive website design. Make sure your website loads as fast as possible. A clear connection has been found between load time and people abandoning the site.

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Another important point to take note of is making the website mobile-friendly. Since almost 50 of website traffic now comes through mobile devices people searching for local brands and services will be using their mobile phones to do so. You don’t want to lose out on potential customers because your website isn’t mobile-friendly. Engage With Your Local Audience Through Social Media Connecting with people on social media based on their physical location is a very simple task today. You have a chance to create genuine engagements and increase the awareness of your brand through those interactions Studies also show that customers appreciate and respond positively to brands that use social media platforms for carry out customer service. Localize Your Ads Local geography is something that’ll truly optimize your ROI when it comes to localising your paid advertisements. In addition to using local-specific keywords you can also use the popular local language to attract customers. Mention local events that are happening and ensure that local people who are loyal customers can avail offers or discounts. You can even personalize your ads further by referring to a specific area climate etc that will target a specific geographical audience. Set Up Local Testimonials Review Sites In one particular study 75 of customers have said they relied heavily on online reviews as a source for evaluating the quality of local businesses. Brands can greatly benefit from publishing positive reviews and testimonials — along with the reviewers’ location as well Majority of consumers check online reviews before purchasing a product or choosing a service. Apart from reviews posting any other sort of credible content also benefits a brand’s image.

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If you want to stand out from the competition improve your site’s conversions and develop a more likable persona for you brand. Understand what your local audience wants speak their language and allow your consumers to get in touch with the ‘human’ side of your brand — this is simply what makes local search marketing so effective.

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