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Mobile CRM Solutions target niche purposes and offer comprehensive platforms to facilitate these capabilities within a single software.


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Transforming Brands Driving Markets – Campaign Management Powered by CRM Mobile CRM Solutions target niche purposes and offer comprehensive platforms to facilitate these capabilities within a single software. Though there are endless discussions regarding the pros and cons of this solution almost turning into a grapevine of sorts there is no running away from the various offerings within the software including campaign management. Campaign management a high priority purpose of CRM remains a nightmare for organizations across the globe simply because of the challenges faced to make campaign management relevant and purposeful. Challenges with Marketing Campaigns In Spite Of Technology Enterprises today have an array of technology offered to them to be put to the best of use and exploited to the best of the advantages. Inspite of this the workflows of the Campaign Management remain blurred if not integrated with a comprehensive CRM. Unorganized Data Data is the driving force behind a campaign management software. Data captured from a variety of sources if not co-related to each other offers no benefits to this strategy remaining only a representation of incomplete and relatively less accurate information. Technology fails to support business if the customer connect data information is not relevant and put in a perspective. Social Media Integration Emerging as a preferred medium to launch marketing campaigns social media turns out to be the least strategized and leveraged technology today.

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Enterprises fail to recognize the importance of data captured from this medium as well as put to use the data captured. Failure of integration of social media into campaign management makes the exercise less intuitive and immaterial. Changing Channels Multiple devices and the changing preferences of the users vis a vis the propel constant changes in channels and touch points to the enterprise posing a serious challenge to the enterprises in terms of capturing collating and analyzing the true sense of the data. Also organizations need to continually invest in research of modern technologies to support different channels to launch effective marketing campaigns globally. Competent Campaign Management with CRM A CRM system relies on modern day technologies to continuously capture analyze and comprehend data. Mobile technologies Big Data Analytics Business Intelligence and Cloud are a few of the techniques forming the backbone of a contemporary mobile CRM solution making it a popular approach for enterprises of all sizes. Practical Data Integration Analysis Modern marketing campaigns rarely run in a standalone fashion. Most businesses today leverage marketing campaigns on a wide scale with multiple campaigns running simultaneously. Campaigns as it is obvious are designed to engage existing customers or attract new customers by capitalizing on leads. A well deployed CRM software allows businesses to make most out of campaigns by allowing them to analyze the responses how effectively the target audience was connected with and prompt further actions. Prudent Market Segmentation CRM software with its analytical capabilities segment the audiences appropriately to derive appropriate content for marketing. This software slices dices the data to derive intelligent categories based on well-known factors. Apt Personalization Personalization is the buzzword today so much so that with its increasing importance there are special considerations for personalization within software as well as mobile apps. This technique is easily integrated into the CRM software and ensures that campaign offers to the customers what could be their preferences. CRM software allows enterprises to take informed actions and disseminate campaign

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information so as to ensure maximum responses from potential customers. The chances of customers clicking on ads or respond to campaign increase by several times if they are looking at information they really need. Campaign Tracking Timely Follow-ups A well-managed CRM ensures that the business keeps a close eye on all campaigns launched. With real-time visibility and live dashboards the software integrates the very vital reminders for follow-ups and further actions continuously to the correct stake holders. The software helps in intelligent scheduling of marketing campaigns. Campaign execution management tracking thus blended in into the CRM itself provides a practical support to both the sales and marketing teams. Cost Effectiveness with Scalability Businesses require marketing campaigns with varying intensities at different stages of growth and market conditions. CRM software renders the scalable edge this need especially because of the possibility of being leveraged with correct platforms like Cloud making it a viable and practical way of conducting campaigns. Interdepartmental Integration to Assure Efficiency A suitably configured CRM software eliminates data redundancies and data black holes to have a close cohesion between the departments offering a satisfying customer experience while interacting with multiple sections within the enterprise as a result of the interest generated by the marketing campaigns. Keeping Sync with the Sales Workforce Actions For businesses heavily relying on teams of field force an appropriately configured CRM software is all the more important as it allows the executive team to keep a close eye on sales workforce tasks and the progress being made to convert potential leads generated as a result of the marketing campaigns being run. It also becomes possible to regulate actual parameters related to the on goings on the field like the contact time lead time actual sale time conversion ratio helping identify top performers as well as improvement areas. Ideal Features Offered for Campaign Management by Mobile CRM Solutions On a Parting Note

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