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The Past The present and Future!!! By Emily Baker This picture in of the pier now in 2009 This is a picture of the old pier in the 1880s

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The Past In the 1880s there was a swimming pool, mineral baths, a hotel, a golf course and a long pier and a short pier. They took the swimming pool out because it was too close to the edge of a cliff. The mineral baths let people heal themselves if they sat in the water. The hotel let all the tourists come and have a drink near the dell/ mineral baths.

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In the past we had a big long pier and a little short pier. The little pier was up on the hill so you could not fish on it, so it’s like a lookout. The big pier : all the fisherman went home with big smiles on there faces. You would catch fish like yellow fin, and also lots more. In the 1880s the dell is a lot different than it is know. More Of The Past

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The Present One time in 1890’s there was a hotel, a golf course and a long pier .There is no longer a hotel there but there is one in Drysdale and it’s called “THE DRYSDALE HOTEL". Now it’s also a restaurant and a TAB.

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The Future In the future I would like the long pier to be rebuilt .

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