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I Alex Birse will show you the past, present and I will want to change the future of The Dell and foreshore. past, present and future

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I am showing you a part of the past, the mineral baths. In the 1800’s and the 1900’s they said the mineral springs healed people with sicknesses. Up where the arrows are that’s where the pier which the salt water baths were.

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This is the present of the boat ramp and the dell. I really want to change this place so it can be beautiful and always will be. I want the mineral baths to heal people with sicknesses but I might not be able to change it. I want the pier to be recreated and when I’m older I want to see the pier and kids jumping off it Dell Boat ramp

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These are the torpedo bottles from the past but what's different, it that they are smashed. What did it do ever to us. Nothing, we destroyed it for no reason, well there might be one but it has to be a really good one. So don’t wreck our foreshore, because I want it to be beautiful, and I think everyone would like it to be beautiful as well.

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