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The dell : 

The dell By Casey burns

The past of the dell : 

The past of the dell In the 1850’s the dell was a lot different to what it is now. Back in the 1850’s people came from all over Australia to drink the mineral water to cure illness. In 1850’s people used to come and fish off the pier and they also came to bathe in the spas.

The dell today : 

The dell today Now the pier is gone and so are the spas and there is no mineral water left. People now litter all over our beaches.

The dell future : 

The dell future In the future I want to see A new pier. Cleaner beaches. An amusement park. A giant coke bottle that floats in the middle of the sea and you enter and you fly out the top A sea pool (fenced from the sea)

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Sea pool Amusement park Coke bottle Pier

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