The Dell by kate

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The Dellby Kate : 

The Dellby Kate

The Past The old pier at the dell At the “long” old pier at the dell there was a substantial shed at the foreshore end. It is believed that Mr. Llewellyn was the first masseur, followed by a Mr. W. Martin.

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NOW This is the dell now. This is the old pier from the dell now. The pier is under water. Now there's all glass and broken bottles at the dell and heaps of shells in the water. The reason the dell changed is because no-one looked after it and the tides have washed most of it away.

THE FUTURE I would like the dell to get a new pier and a new hotel with a pool inside. I would like the dell to have a new playground.

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The Dell from the 1800's till now The public made use of the dell because they use to have picnics there. Now we make use of it by collecting shells and eating under the rotunda. I would like people to enjoy the dell by eating there more and collecting shells and playing on the sand. This is the dell. I want a new table and some new chairs at the dell.

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