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In Our Vegetable Garden By Marcus Moriarty

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In 4/5c’s vegetable garden you will find delicious fruit, veggies and herbs.

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We have Basil, it has a strong smell It looks like a bright green oval. You can have it with pesto sauce, tomato sauce, pizza and soup. I have never had basil but it looks yum

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In our vegetable garden you will find cherry tomatoes. cherry tomatoes are like little red marbles. you can use it as Tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, in pasta, tomato pace.

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In our vegetable garden we have potatoes, potatoes are a round oval shaped ball. It has rough skin and a mushy inside. You can use it in potato salad, mashed potato and chips. I love to eat potatoes!

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In our garden we have onion. When you cut onion it makes your eyes water, it looks like a potato but with crackly skin. You can have it with spaghetti, burgers stir fry and more

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IN our garden we have lettuce. Lettuce is a curvy leave. It doesn't really have much of a taste but its very watery and fresh. U can use it in salad, burgers and more.

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IN our garden we have garlic. It is like onion but different. It is different color's its got a crackly skin You can use it in garlic sauce, pizza and dip.

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