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In our garden By Jordan

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In 45c’s vegetable garden you will find fruit, vegetables and herbs. In our vegetable garden we have cherry tomatoes. This means that the cherry tomatoes will be the size of a large cherry. Cherry tomatoes

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In our garden we have basil. Basil is a herb. It has a strong fragrant smell. It has bright green, curved oval shaped leaves. You can use it presto sauce, tomato sauce, to flavour soup, tuna and pizza BASIL

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In our vegetable garden we have Peas To me peas have a rotten egg smell. It’s round, green and small. You can use it in pease pudding and pea soup PEAS

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In our vegetable garden we have fruit trees. It looks like a small fruit tree. You can use the fruit for jams. FRUIT TREE

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In our vegetable garden we have tomatoes. Tomatoes look kind of like a shiny red ball. You can use tomatoes in salads and tacos.

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in our garden we have lettuce It smells funny It’s green all differently shaped it has this white line running through the middle You can use lettuce in salads and tacos

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