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IN OUR GARDEN By Taylah Condon

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In 4/5C’s vegetable garden you will find fruit trees, vegetables and herbs.

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WE HAVE: tomatoes potatoes silver beet broccoli pumpkin cucumber mixed lettuce bok choy cabbage snow peas peas climbing beans broad beans dwarf butter beans onion egg plant cauliflower celery capsicum HERBS garlic basil parsley

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In our vegetable garden we have basil. Basil is a herb. It has bright green, curved, oval-shaped leaves. When you snap it, it releases a pungent smell. It feels soft. You can use basil in a pesto sauce, tomato sauce and to flavour soup, tuna and pizza.

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In our vegetable garden we have tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. Tomatoes are a vegetable. This means that the tomatoes will be the size of a large cherry. The tomato leaves are rough. Its stem is long and rough like the leaves. The tomatoes look very glossy. The plant smells strong but not as strong as Basil. You can use it in salads, tomato sauce, tomato soup, and to make the sauce on pizzas.

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In our vegetable garden we have celery. The leaves on the celery are frilly and rough but the stem is smooth and shiny. Celery is very crunchy. The stem has a strong smell but definitely does not smell as much as the leaves. You can eat celery fresh and you can have it with dip and biscuits.

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In our vegetable garden we have pumpkin. Pumpkin is a oval-shaped vegetable which is usually an orange/green/grey colour. Pumpkin is very soft and smooth. You can use it to make pumpkin soup and you might have pumpkin cooked with a roast.

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In our vegetable garden we have silver beet. Silver beet is a vegetable not a fruit. Its leaves are a dark green colour and the stem is a bright green colour on the upper half and the bottom half is white. You can’t smell the stem but you can’t really smell the leaves either. You can use silver beet in salads and soup.

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I love Gardening. In Our Garden we have so many great vegetables and would love some help with the Gardening!!

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